iPad for Dummies: 5 Tips and Tricks You Should Know by Now

The iOS and iPadOS software platforms are used by tablet computers manufactured by Apple Inc. under the iPad brand. Although they were both connected gadgets, they didn’t create the iPad until after the iPhone. Numerous rumors existed before January 20, 2010, unveiling of the first iPad regarding its development, operating system, and release date.

Nowadays, you can do practically everything on your iPad, from the fundamentals, like online browsing, gaming, and watching movies, to the more advanced tasks, like video editing, music creation, drawing, and writing. But if you are new to the iPad and iOS world, you probably need to know more, like how to connect to iTunes when iPad is disabled or other solutions and tips that you may use to make your life easier. Here are five expert iPad tips and techniques you must be aware of and use.

1. Type in Any Text Field Using Your Apple Pencil

When using your iPad to perform web searches, look up apps in the App Store, and do other tasks in the past, you had to depend on either an on-screen keyboard or a real one. Your primary input method was clicking on a text field, which caused a virtual keyboard to emerge. The iPad now has Scribble, however! With this capability, you can use your Apple Pencil to handwrite anything else into any text field.

For instance, instead of using an on-screen keyboard like a caveman, you may launch the Safari web browser and type “dinner ideas” into the search field with your Apple Pencil! You will get “dinner ideas” search results on the internet. Begin handwriting into any text field with your Apple Pencil because, once more, you do not have to worry about an on-screen keyboard when you’ve got a handy stylus.

2. Basic iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

It’s reasonable to presume that you have used a Windows computer and are familiar with alt-tabbing. Hit the Alt and Tab keys simultaneously to fast move between your open apps. You can utilize the same shortcut on your Mac and iPad, but since there isn’t an Alt key here, you must use Command+Tab. The command key on the iPad keyboard is labeled “cmd” and is immediately next to the space bar. To swiftly change among your available iPad apps at any moment, press it along with the Tab key.

How can you now copy and paste on an iPad? Most of you probably already know this, but we should review it nonetheless because not everyone is an iPad specialist. Holding down the Shift key while using the left or right arrow keys can select text on your iPad using a physical keyboard. Press Cmd+C to copy your text after marking it, then Cmd+V to paste it to another location. Cmd+Z on your iPad keyboard will allow you to reverse a previous action. The ability to “undo” something is helpful if you realize a mistake in your writing and want to correct it.

3. Run Multiple Programs Simultaneously Using Split View and Slide Over

You don’t have to be limited to using just one application simultaneously. The second app will run in a popup over the initial one when you enter the dock and drag it over that you already have open. Slide Over is the name of this tall popup style. By clicking the three dots on top of the popup, you can enlarge the program, move the popup around, or hide it until you require it in the left or right corners of the screen. An application will launch in Split View alongside the one you currently use if you open the dock and drag it to the left or right sides of the screen.

As suggested by the name, both apps will now share an equal amount of the screen. Press the small line between the two apps and drag it to make one app take up more of the screen than the other. If you move it to the right, the left app will occupy more than half of the screen, taking up two-thirds of the entire display. Additionally, you can always move apps around in Split View, change them from Split View to Slide Over, or quit Split View by extending an app to full screen by clicking the three dots on top of each app. 

4. Utilize Widgets to Enhance Your iPad’s Home Screen

Unlike the past, when all that existed on your iPad’s home screen were app icons, you can now add widgets to spice things up. And, of course, to quickly get further details. Suppose you want to add some widgets to your iPad home screen; press and hold the button until the apps begin to jiggle. When those start to dance, a small + icon will appear in the top left corner of the screen; click it.

All your iPad applications that enable home screen widgets will now be listed for you. Some do, albeit not all; examples include the Mail app and its Mailbox widget, the huge Reminders widget, the Clock widget, and the Weather widget. You can quickly see your most recent emails that have arrived by adding those to your home screen and your upcoming reminders for today, a giant clock, and the weather for this week. You can see that they significantly freshen up your home screen. Of course, you are free to add any more widgets you choose.

5. Multitasking with Picture in Picture

Don’t pause a Netflix video if you need to do something else simultaneously; instead, return to the home screen or switch to another program, and your film will play in a popup window. In this manner, you can watch your show while also doing other things, such as browsing the web or launching Quick Note and taking notes.

The restriction is on applications that support Picture in Picture. Along with the majority of other streaming platforms, you might wish to use, FaceTime and Netflix both support video calls. So you may freely play videos in those, then exit and use your iPad for something else while the video keeps playing in a popup. Although there are no specific dates or locations listed, it is rumored that YouTube will eventually allow both paid and free users to play videos in Picture in Picture.

Concluding Thoughts

Here are a few of the most helpful iPad hacks and techniques you should be aware of if you want to master your iPad. The iPad is one of the most effective gadgets nowadays, with many valuable things, and you need to learn and explore how to use them!

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