Kinesthetic Learning and Its Benefits

Students are making new records in learning and attaining knowledge as well as teachers are also researching continuously day and night to find new ways to teach the students and make their learning process more interesting for them. These days the whole education world is full of innovations and innovative tools for the students in order to make their learning process easy and knowledgeable for them. LMS of any school these days is in search of more and more such innovative tools which can make learning a matter of interest for the students and for this LMS of schools these days are giving chances to new ways of learning like Kinesthetic Learning. There are various ways of learning where one is visual learning where students learn by seeing the subjective things and second is auditory learning where students learn by listening to the lessons and course materials but Kinesthetic learning is something very different from these two types of learning. In kinesthetic learning, information is absorbed by being engaged in some physical, tangible exercises and it can be by any way like it can be by experimenting, hands-on solving or discovery learning. For example, if a teacher is using kinesthetic learning while teaching yoga and he or she is teaching about any asana then just by telling or showing it won’t be completed the teacher needs to make students do it themselves then only they will understand the concept of that particular asana.

ERPof many educational institutions are supporting this type of learning very much. As per ERP of institutions such technically practical learning methodologies can provide the most practical knowledge to the students. This is a research-based teaching and learning method with proven results. This learning is based on a concept which is called as muscle memory where sometimes learning becomes so dep that even if mind is not active for practiced task even then the muscles are well known and ready to perform the task for example in the matter of driving where if a person is habitual of driving daily on a route, then even if he is lost in any thought, hands know where to turn right or left and same thing happens in typing. Muscle memory is a form of kinesthetic learning. Sensory power of kinesthetic learners is very high. Minds of such learners grasp the information and data by touching, smelling, tasting, and otherwise experiencing and due to this reason kinesthetic learning is called the quickest learning method. It is very effective while learning any new skills. For example, if a student is learning martial arts, then just by listening and watching will never make him good. He will have to engage actively with his full body to experience the learning and concept of martial arts. 

So, after knowing so much about kinesthetic learning lets know about the benefits of this learning method. Kinesthetic learners have good sensory ability so they can understand the big picture of any concept very quickly and their imagination level is also very high. Students who are good at this type of learning never take any task given as a boring task, instead they take it as an opportunity and complete it in a much better way than other students. This learning motivates the students to take their imagination and thoughts out of the four wall boundaries of the classroom and think about the concepts critically and have their experiences practically. This learning encourages the curiosity of the children and makes them always have a keen desire to try new things and learn something new. Students make mistakes because no student is perfect but here children get chances to fix their mistakes by learning practically and use trial and error to find their mistakes and correct them. Apart from all these benefits there is one more benefit which is for grown up students who are seeking a career out of their knowledge and information they have. With the help of this learning, grown up students can explore the areas of their career interest before they get appointed in any company. This type of learning gives them a clear vision to choose the career most suitable according to their potential. It is so because sometimes students have multiple talents and they are unable to decide the correct one for their career.

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Zaman Lashari
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