5 Things to Know about Drug Law in Dubai – The Unseen Downfall

We live in a society where millions of things are happening all at once, and multitasking has become the norm of life. But due to this multitasking and the faced-paced world, people face a lot of problems in keeping up with everything. Because of this, some people may either ignore their problems or simply find a bad way to cope with them. Teenagers are most likely to be the victim of it because of the influence and inspiration they sometimes get from the wrong places. The effects of a neighborhood, social circle, and friends can be both great and destructive for a person.

When teens open themselves up to society, they make many acquaintances. Sometimes these acquaintances are fruitful, but in some cases, they are the roadmap for the destruction of that individual. Slow and gradual involvement of teens in these malign and ruthless activities like drug addiction, alcoholism, and criminal involvement are the reasons for the downhill of a probable bright future.

You must have heard that we are the product of what we eat and drink and are also considered the same people with whom we associate ourselves. So if you have involved yourself with criminal gangs, no one would believe you to be innocent. Everyone will look at you the way someone looks at a criminal. And people would associate you with all the horrendous crimes that criminals commit, like murder, abduction, rape, or robbery. You might not be a part of it, but your association with them has made everyone think the same for you.

So, in a nutshell, we can say that our associations and the things we consume are what describe us to the world. Sooner or later, we become the end product of it. However, it is also important to know that if you are a drug addict or fond of consuming drugs at large, perhaps Dubai is the last place you want to live.

The use and possession of drugs, narcotics, and other illegal substances are considered to be serious crimes in the UAE, with very little leniency shown to the offenders. With this said, here are some of the most important things you need to know regarding the drug law and punishments in the UAE.

Drug Law & Punishment in the UAE

Here is everything you need to know regarding the laws and punishments associated withdrug possession and consumption in the UAE.

The Practice of Shariah Law

Understanding that UAE is an Islamic country where Shariah Law and implementations reflect in all the laws, regulations, and punishments is pivotal. In all the other Muslim countries, possession, consumption, distribution, etc., are strictly prohibited in the United Arab Emirates. Some people consider UAE highly inclined on the liberal side, but it does not allow its residents or foreigners to conduct activities that are against the teachings and practices of its laws and regulations.

Penalties for Drug Association

Strengthening the laws and regulations for drug abuse, consumption, and trafficking, several penalties have been implemented to punish the doers with such seriousness that they wouldn’t think about it ever again. Here is a brief explanation of the set penalties;

  • The minimum penalty of fine with imprisonment ranges from AED 20,000 to AED 100,000. This is for the first time offenders who haven’t been found doing any drug-related activity before. If they have a good legal advisor in Dubai with them, they might get some leniency for their small attempt.
  • The next is for the repeated offenders who have been previously caught and dare to do the repeated crime again. Coupled with imprisonment, the penalty ranges from AED 30,000 to AED 100,000.
  • Whereas the offender repeats the crime and gets caught again, they will be served imprisonment of at least 2 years with a fine amount of not less than AED 100,000.
  • If the drug-related activity has caused any serious harm to another individual, the penalty strictly stands at AED 100,000 with imprisonment for at least 7 years. The fine and detention will be doubled if the damage is irreparable, for example, a fine of AED 200,000 and imprisonment of at least 10 years.
  • For facilitating the sale of drugs, imprisonment and fine are beyond mere consideration. Imprisonment time goes for a maximum of 10 years and a fine of at least AED 100,000.

Zero Tolerance

It is clearly mentioned and informed to the people that any activity related to drug abuse and consumption has zero-tolerance for it. Many people have been caught red-handed trafficking drugs into the UAE through different channels, and since then, the security, vigilance, and monitoring have been twice to catch the offenders and put them behind bars or deport them if they are foreigners after serving the initial punishment and fine.


As for the foreign nationals living or working in the UAE, if they are found doing anything related to drug abuse and consumption, they are on the verge of being deported to their homeland after serving imprisonment and paying tough and hefty fines.

The new amendments in the drug law of the UAE remove the previous mandatory deportation of foreign nationals with drug abuse or possession for personal use, granting the option for courts to decide.

For tourists and visitors in the United Arab Emirates, if any narcotics-related substance is mixed or added to the food products and they are found for the first time doing it. The imposition of punishments from Article 96 is made, such as confiscated at port entries and fines and imprisonment. And the individual will be subjected to transportation or perhaps trafficking of drugs and illegal narcotic substances in the UAE.

For Medical Use

If you are carrying drugs of narcotics as per medical use and guidelines, here is what you need to do;

  • The doctors and physicians need to make you a request for the authorized carrying of a limited dose of drugs or substances under careful measures.
  • All prescriptions of narcotics or drug substances should be clearly stated with the medicine edge they are used for.
  • Anyone who breaches the limit of drugs or allowed substances will be subject to imprisonment of at least 5 years and with a minimum fine of AED 100,000.

The Final Words

These are some of the drug-related and substance possession laws and regulations in the United Arab Emirates that everyone at all costs must follow to avoid inconvenience later.

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