Linux Or Windows VPS Hosting Which One Should You Choose In Singapore

After the development of virtualization technology, a virtual private server has become the popular web hosting solution choice of numerous web business owners. They tend to prefer VPS Hosting in Singapore over other web hosting servers for hosting their business websites.

Majorly because the virtual private server hosting provides the dedicated hosting level benefits at much cheaper pricing. Also, the VPS hosting serves as the best upgrade from shared server hosting. 

In this article, we will discuss in detail what makes VPS Hosting is a better option than other web hosting servers and also, where you can seek the Best VPS hosting in Singapore. Jump into the subsequent sections to grab all the insights. 

Different types of VPS Hosting

The VPS Hosting can be broadly categorized in two ways. First, it is classified on the basis of the operating system running at the virtual private server’s core. 

And second, it is classified on the basis of the type of web hosting service coming up with your VPS Hosting Plan in Singapore. Get a glimpse of all the types of VPS hosting below!

  • Based on the operating system 

Presently, there are two most popular, efficient, and prevalent operating systems exist in the industry – Linux and Windows. 

  • Linux VPS Hosting in Singapore

The virtual private server running Linux operating system at its base is termed Linux VPS Hosting. Linux is an open-source OS and is free to employ. it provides great flexibility and robust technical support from its community of experts. 

  • Windows VPS Hosting in Singapore

The virtual private server running Windows operating system at its base is termed Windows VPS. Windows is a product of Microsoft Corporation. You require a Windows OS license to utilize it. It renders a graphical user interface (GUI) and Microsoft expert team technical assistance.

Based on Web hosting Service

  • Managed VPS Hosting in Singapore

With the managed VPS hosting, your web host takes charge of everything related to your VPS, from management to administration in Singapore.

  • Unmanaged VPS hosting in Singapore

With the unmanaged VPS hosting, you get the root access to your VPS and take responsibility to run, manage, and customize your entire virtual private server on your own in Singapore. 

Why VPS Hosting is Better Than Other Web Hostings

An individual virtual private server forms a part of the physical server along with other VPSs. Although it makes you share the physical server space and resources with many other users, you still acquire the independent hosting environment and dedicated resources for your website.

This implies you become capable of attaining most of the privileges one obtains with the dedicated server hosting while sharing the server. Also, sharing the server makes the cost of VPS Hosting quite affordable in Singapore. 

Here are some benefits highlighted to understand how VPS hosting in Singapore can be your ideal choice over other web hosting services. 

All of these benefits can be acquired at the most affordable pricing and much cheaper cost than the dedicated server hosting.

  • High availability of dedicated resources
  • Possibility to scale up or down the web resources as per the necessity
  • Private, autonomous, and isolated web hosting platform
  • Root control of the VPS Singapore
  • Privilege to configure and customize the server as desired
  • Ability to execute as many security layers as needed 
  • Optimal performance of the website
  • Maximum uptime and high-speed web page loading
  • Opportunity to acquire the best possible SEO ranking

About Serverwala

You must find a trustworthy and renowned web host in order to get all the benefits of Singapore VPS Hosting for effectively hosting your business website. One such web host that exists and you can rely on is Serverwala data center.


Serverwala is well-recognized worldwide for rendering the Best VPS hosting in Singapore with high-grade services and intense facilities. It is the industry-leading data center and is at the forefront when it comes to offering a wide range of VPS Server plans for Singapore. 

Moreover, each Serverwala VPS hosting plan comes at the cheap pricing and offers high hosting flexibility with easily scalable web resources in singapore.  

Features of Serverwala’s VPS Hosting

  • SSD Data Storage

You acquire the SSD (Solid-State Drives) data storage with the Serverwala’s VPS Hosting rather than the traditional HDD (Hard Disk Drive) data storage in Singapore. The SSDs are faster than HDDs and also consume less energy. 

They let you store and retrieve data quickly while enabling your business website to deliver uninterrupted and smooth performance.  

  • Enterprise-Grade Hardware

Serverwala ensures to provide the support of robust hardware tools and top-tier equipment. Its VPS Hosting also functions with modern as well as most progressive technologies in Singapore. This enables a high web page loading speed and minimum downtime. 

  • Security-as-a-service

Your business website acquires security-as-a-service to ensure the complete security of its data. The data center provides high-grade robust security measures such as DDoS protection, data encryption, malware scan & protection, etc. 

Your website also receives the SSL certificate free of cost from Serverwala. 

  • Service Level Agreement

You get a service level agreement with every cheap VPS Hosting plan for Singapore. It provides consistent network connectivity, redundant power, and a 99.90% uptime guarantee for your business website. 

The data center makes sure to let its customers obtain high-tech network flexibility. 


With the Best VPS Hosting in Singapore, you get the possibility to accommodate all the hosting requirements of your business website. Serverwala enables you to access the hyper-scale and world-class VPS Web Hosting services to grow your website with utmost ease while eliminating all the restrictions and limitations you can encounter under shared server hosting. Further, you can utilize the 24/7 customer service support of the Serverwala data center to connect with its professionals and resolve all your queries (if you have any) or obtain additional information before purchasing the most suitable VPS Server plan for Singapore. Alternatively, you can also visit the official website of the data center for the same –

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