Market prediction using cryptocurrency scanners

The cryptocurrency market is one of the most volatile trade types, including rumbling and uncertainty, which can negatively affect investment decisions. There are many strategies, including AI, which can be used to predict market prices; one of the most helpful strategies is using cryptocurrency scanners. Still, the scanners are primarily beneficial for advanced traders. For novice traders, trading in the first months can be a bumpy ride that demands manual analysis of price movements and a significant amount of time understanding the markets. The use of cryptocurrency scanners saves traders time by scanning the perfect events where traders can participate in trades, including notifications about price movements to allow for making essential trading decisions. The article analyzes the different types of crypto scanners, including the features that make them unique and effective for use in various trading decisions. 

Trading view

The trading view is one of the most potent scanning tools used by advanced traders and can also be used by beginners because it uses stellar tools to view and share trading ideas. The trading scanner uses real-time data analysis alongside browser-based charts, allowing traders to Use pre-built studies and draw intelligent tools that perform in-depth market analysis. It also incorporates cloud-based services and uses script programming languages for AI and machine learning. The trading view is connected to other platforms, including Bitiq and other data feed applications allowing unfiltered access to bitcoin and the different types of cryptocurrencies. Adding processional financial data analysis and professional news makes the platform unique and powerful for scanning, market analysis, and price prediction.

The platform is preferred to users who do not wish to manage several accounts for trading, investing, and earning interests. The scanning software allows for tracking of hundred of cryptocurrencies, including setting profit targets and price movements, essential variables in making trading decisions. stands in the crowd because it charges a competitive fee in exchange for helping traders make more informed exchanges, allowing traders and investors to save money compared to other trading and exchange platforms like coinbase. The platform also provides interest-bearing accounts to the users, allowing them to accumulate their cryptocurrency tokens over time. The interest rates are more significant than any interest rates by banks by a large margin. 


The platform is a bundle of several educational tools to make trading with cryptocurrency more accessible. It also aids in the building of trading portfolios, including additional tools that can help users maximize their investments. Regarding cryptocurrency screening, altNIS offers traders screeners they can leave open simultaneously. The latter is in addition to Twitter alerts which provide additional insights on the trending events and news because since the adoption of social media, most of the information, even trading news, is first available on social media before it is processed in media houses. The platform offers different subscription plans, including the basic, essential, and premium bundles which traders and investors can choose depending on the investment decisions. 


Altrady is a trading tool that saves traders time for trade. In addition to offering a simplified user interface, the platform is designed to give traders digital assets that allow trading in various, if not all, exchanges. The platform is also designed to use real-time market data analysis, providing traders and investors with real-time updates on order books, trades, and prices. Minimizing risks is also a crucial aspect of Altrady. The organization provides trading analytics that provides insights on the trading performance, allowing for better and informed decisions. In summary, Altrady will enable traders to trade, manage assets and monitor crucial activities in exchanges and trading markets.

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