Motorhome Tricks and Tips For Beginners

If you’ve just got your first motorhome, you probably can’t wait to hit the road and start enjoying yourself in it. However, before you do, here are a few tips and tricks for new motorhome owners that will help you make the most of your time on the road and ensure your first adventure in your new motorhome is a success.

Get Familiar With Your Motorhome In Advance

Before you set off on your first trip, you should take the time to get familiar with your motorhome and all its features. First things first, you should check out the owner’s manual and get to know the basics, like your weight limits, tyre pressures and the type of fuel your motorhome uses.

You should also spend some time driving around in a familiar, low-stress environment, so you can get used to the dimensions of your motorhome and make sure that you’re comfortable driving it on a variety of roads and practice parking.

Avoid Overheating

If you’re planning a summer trip in your motorhome, it’s vital you know how to keep it cool in hot weather, especially in light of the recent heatwaves here in the UK.


Choose shaded parking locations for your motorhome if available, especially if you’re arriving during the afternoon, when temperatures are often at their highest. This will prevent the inside of your motorhome from getting too hot. Keeping your curtains or blinds drawn can also lower the temperature inside your motorhome. If using your motorhome’s air conditioning (AC) then be sure to close all the doors and windows to make it effective and keep them shut until the sun has set.

If you’re not using your motorhome during the warmer months, be sure to park it out of direct sunlight to avoid cracks in your tyres, which can lead to air loss or consider investing in tyre covers.

Stay Organised

Keep the inside of your motorhome tidy and well-stocked with essentials for your trip and have extras on hand just in case you run out or misplace something. Ensure you have two sets of keys to your motorhome and never leave a set inside the vehicle. You should also keep your vehicle’s documents and details of any breakdown cover or insurance in a safe place.

Always take a first aid kit with you and check and re-stock it before each trip. Other items you might want to have on hand include spare chargers and batteries, torches, extra toiletries and some loose change in case of emergencies. A raincoat and wellies, extra layers of clothing and blankets will always be appreciated if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Don’t forget the essentials

Before you start planning your first trip in your motorhome, you’ll need to take out motorhome insurance so you can relax and enjoy your first adventure knowing you’re fully covered.

Before setting off you’ll want to make sure you understand the electrical system in your motorhome as your sockets won’t work unless you hook your campervan up to the mains. Once attached, you will still have to think carefully about how much electricity you are using and not attempt to use every electrical item in your motorhome all at the same time! If you can’t survive without a cup of tea or coffee, then a gas hob is an alternative way to brew up.

It’s fair to say that getting familiar with the toilet isn’t going to be the highlight of anyone’s trip, however knowing how your campervan toilet works, including how, where and when to empty the cassette and how to troubleshoot any issues will save you a lot of hassle and potential unpleasantness further down the line so make this a priority before your journey gets underway!

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