Online Poker Sites in UAE: Choose the best among the best

Online poker is one of the most loved games around the globe; here, you can compete against other players from different countries. Online poker in UAE is played for both fun and as a money-making venture; players residing in the UAE and those who intend to visit on vacation tend to ask a common question, “ what are some of the best online poker sites in the UAE?” This article has been crafted to solve your inquiries regarding online poker sites in UAE.

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Online Poker In UAE

The world has been playing the game of poker since the early 1800s; with generational change and the coming of the internet, poker has transcended slowly from in-land casinos to online Platforms. As earlier stated,  online poker is a well-loved game in the UAE; with this in mind, people still pose the question, “is poker illegal in UAE?”. The answer is yes!  The Sharia law prohibits gambling in all forms; the UAE, as an Islamic country, is governed by such laws; according to the UAE Penal code, online poker is illegal. With the prohibition of online poker, online poker lovers in the UAE have employed the use of VPNs and offshore casino sites to play poker. Still, before making use of such sites, there are certain factors you should consider before or during your visit to these online casinos. 

  1. Acceptance: Gambling in the UAE is prohibited; as such, if you are planning on playing online poker in the UAE, you will first of all need to find online gambling sites or casinos that accept Emirati players. Finding an online casino with such a feature is very important; it is the first step you should consider or take. 
  2. Payment Method: The second factor to consider is the payment method. Since gambling is illegal in the UAE, the online platform or casino you choose should have diverse payment methods. Payment methods like E-Wallets and the use of cryptocurrencies should be one of the features of the site, and this is significant because you need to protect yourself and, at the same time also, remain anonymous. 
  3. License and Security: It might be possible that you are on vacation in Abu Dhabi and you miss playing your favorite online poker game; if that is the case, before you go ahead to use any online casino, make sure that the online casino is verified, vetted, and secured.  
  4. Online Poker Bonuses: Most people do not play poker just for fun; they play online poker to win money. To earn poker online real money in UAE, you should consider sites that offer bonuses to customers or players and take advantage of them.

After considering the above factors, you can go ahead to scout the internet for online poker UAE. However, to save you stress, we have a few recommended sites you can explore. 

  • Bet 365 Poker: Bet 365 Poker is among the very best online poker sites or casinos in the world. The site accepts Emirati players and provides a wide range of poker games for them to choose from. Bet 365 poker also offers welcome bonuses to new players, VIP features, and prizes for pool tournaments. 
  • Every Game Poker: The Every Game Poker platform is one of the first, oldest, and most reliable online poker gambling sites. This site also accepts UAE players, and as a result, it has become very popular among online poker players in the UAE. 
  • 888 poker: The 888 poker is another online poker casino that gives up to a 100% bonus on the first deposit by a player. It is one site you should really check out. 
  • 32 Red Poker: The 32 Red poker also accepts Emirati players; it has a welcome bonus qualification of up to 60 days starting from the moment you make your first deposit. 

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Notwithstanding the fact that online poker in UAE is prohibited, this article has provided you with recommendations on the very best online poker sites. This article has also provided tips on factors to look out for before using an online poker casino in UAE; these factors include acceptance, payment method, and security. 

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