Pro Tips to Get a Smooth Head Shave

Had enough of struggling with nicks and cuts while shaving your head? Spend a few minutes to read this blog on getting a smooth head shave – like a Pro!

To begin with, shaving off your entire head itself stands to be a difficult decision. And then achieving a smooth and shiny dome adds on the pressure. However, keep your stress levels down even if you have grabbed a men’s head shaver for the first time. Because we are here to walk you through the right head-shaving process!

#1. Prep Up for the Head Shave

Fasten your long hair strands with a set of hair clippers. Now sheer off everything before stepping into the actual head-shaving process.

Prepping up your head is really important. That’s mainly because shortened hair prevents painful pulling or plucking of your hair while you try to glide down a bald head razor.

Once you complete trimming your hair, apply a small amount of shaving gel, foam, or cream to your entire scalp. This will make your hair soft, thus allowing the razor to glide on easily. Not only that, but this initial step also works wonders in preventing skin irritation and burns.

#2. Use Good Head Shavers or Razors

If you really want to achieve a smooth and sleek dome, consider following this simple yet effective step. Make a habit of checking the razor blades before starting with the head shave process.

If you find the razor blades to be dull or faded, immediately replace them with new ones. However, if you want to avoid such hassles, consider using a branded electric head shaver.

Electric head shavers are more convenient and easier to use, especially for newbies who are trying to shave their heads for the first time. Also, using an electric shaver considerably reduces the possibility of nicks and cuts for a bumpier head.

#3. Warm-up Your Scalp

Just like you cleanse your face with warm water before every shave, you should wash your scalp in the same pattern. You may even use a hot towel in place of hot water.

This step is really worth for effort as it softens the hair follicles, soothes the scalp, and helps in getting a frictionless shave. Furthermore, it removes the hair clippings (if any) to keep the razor blades away from clogs.

#4. Take your Time and Keep Patience

The most important point to keep in mind while shaving your head – keep patience! Never rush! Shaving is a delicate process as a small mistake can cause cuts on your skin.

So, always take enough time and follow the right head-shaving process. Try to glide on your bald head razoror electric shaver towards the direction of your hair growth.

Be gentle with your shaving tool. Put light and smooth strokes that are comfortable on your scalp. This will help you avoid any kind of skin irritation, razor burn, rashes, or redness.

#5. Keep your Shaving Tool Clean

Try to clean your razor blades after every couple of strokes. Wash both the sides of the razor and then remove the excess water on it.

Perhaps you must have seen many men tapping off their razors against the sink or even wiping them off with a towel. But, this is not the right way to deal with your shaving tool as this can reduce the life span of the razor.

Remember, rinsing off your razor blades regularly prevents the build-up of creams, gels, hair, or dead skin. Thus, you can glide your razor smoothly to achieve a sleek dome.

#6. Hydrate Your Scalp After Shaving

Want to create a smooth dome look? Keep your scalp hydrated! While following the right head-shaving process is crucial, maintaining a proper scalp-care routine after the shave is even more important.

Use a good hydrating moisturizer to keep up the shine of your shaven scalp. You may even use an aftershave lotion, cream, balm, or oil to get better results.

Several companies are recently promoting head wax as a scalp moisturizer. You may give it a try to check if the wax works best for your scalp.

#7. Avoid Sun Exposure

Having hair on your scalp protects your head from any kind of sun damage. But once you shave off your head completely, you need to pay special attention to protecting your scalp from the sun.

Use branded sunscreen whenever you step out of your home. This not only helps in keeping your scalp healthy but also adds a considerable amount of shine to your dome.

Another way to protect your scalp can be wearing hats or caps. Get a unique collection of hats to avoid sunburns on your head as well as embrace your look!

Now that you have read the entire blog, you know some of the amazing tips to achieve and maintain a smooth dome. To sum it up, prep your scalp, use a shaving gel, opt for an efficient men’s head shaveror bald head razor, keep your scalp hydrated, and finally avoid sunburns on your scalp.

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