Professional Tips to Decorate Your Home

What is interior decor? These are the very accent details that turn a boring design into a real masterpiece, add originality to the atmosphere and emphasize the tastes of the owners of the house. At the same time, ineptly selected accessories make the interior tasteless and uninteresting.

Trends or your own style?

Trends are always the most relevant direction in anything. Treating them with caution is important, Ideas from decorating experts suggest thatpopular trends with what your aesthetics and liking suggest in what works in the field of interior design. That’s why it is urged to develop an individual style. This is more important than following trends.

The formation of one’s own style is influenced by age, education, personal tastes, social status, and lifestyle in general. The main thing is that it reflects the individuality and your author’s approach. And trends are, of course, important, but they need to be followed in a dosed manner.

1. Trendy colors

“In our country, they often focus on Western trends,” the decorator continues. — If we talk about the main colors of the 2022 season, it should be noted that the Pantone Institute has chosen two colors for this year at once – “illuminating” yellow and “absolutely gray”.

Despite the opinion of Pantone, which has been studying and predicting color in design for over 20 years, refreshing sky blue is one of the most desired shades at the moment.

The color is both relevant and timeless at the same time. It will make your interior look intriguingly exotic and practical. In the decoration, several close shades of a complex, but clear and sonorous blue are used. I find it really attractive.

2. Sculpture in accessories

Speaking of trendy forms, it is necessary to note the sculptural nature of accessories. These can be vases, candlesticks, bowls, dishes, and salad bowls with expressive forms resembling sculpture.

Original details that fit perfectly into the space may not have a functional purpose and be used exclusively as art objects.

3. Actual roundness

It is impossible not to mention the trend toward rounded shapes that embody femininity and peace.

Strict lines of furniture are softened, models without rigid frames are used, mirrors with rounded corners appear, and bedside lamps resemble mushrooms or alien creatures. In architectural solutions, arched doorways are at the peak of popularity.

4. Bench as an element of decor

Minimalistic and simple in form, benches are installed at the foot of the bed. Used instead of dining chairs and coffee tables. The benches are also a reference to the shaker style, which is incredibly relevant right now.

The name Shaker comes from the name of a religious organization whose main source of income was the production of such furniture. In general, the shaker style can be described in just one phrase: simple, solid, practical, and useful design. No frills, calm and functional.

5. Humor in accessories

Ironic accessories and decor items, humor in painting and household items, naked rounded forms on the verge of aesthetics, and pornography are welcome.

Bright accent colors, a play of motives, a certain edge of abstraction, and museum art are added. The accessories are reminiscent of the works of Henri Matisse, conveying emotions through color and form.

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