Reasons why men develop digestive issues

If you list the digestive patients, then the majority of would-be men. This does not mean that women are totally free from any digestive issues and their digestive system is superb. It only indicates that the majority of men are healthierin terms of the digestive system. But men cannot blame others for this debacle of the digestive system because it is the result of their own fault.

As per doctors and health experts’ men are more reluctant to change their attitudes and lifestyle than men. On the other hand, women are far more health-conscious and are ready to make changes to their diet and lifestyle more quickly.

This is the reason women are major consumers of green tea and other pro-health items. Whereas men are the major patients with digestive issues, heart issues and mental illnesses. This explains the reason that men have to depend on pills like Cenforce 100 and Fildena 100for simple biological processes.

The digestive system is the one that is responsible for converting the food we eat into a manner in which we absorb nutrients from it and excrete the rest of it. Hence, any malfunction in it directly or indirectly almost every part of the health.

In this article, we shall discuss why men develop digestive issues. We shall also discuss what positive changes one must make to things better without being slaves of medicine.

Poor choice of food

Any malfunction of the digestive system is directly related to the kind of food we eat. Food is the ultimate fuel of the body on which every process of the body occurs. Just like a bad fuel can hamper the effectiveness of the vehicle similarly poor food choices can reduce the productivity of the man and cause several disorders. Hence, proper eating proper food is an important aspect not only for better digestive system but overall health.

As per the ideal situation and advice of doctors and Ayurvedaone must eat food as per their work. Since childhood, we have been listening that one must eat a balanced diet that contains every nutrient.

But how much nutrient one must take depends on his job. For example, a scientist his job is more to do with technical skillsand mental ability. Hence, his diet must contain more vitamins and minerals that will help him process more instructions in less time.

In another situation of labour whose job involves lifting heavy items throughout the day. Hence, his job is more physical therefore his diet must contain more carbohydrates, fats and proteins for building muscles, vitamins and minerals in minute quantities.

This is the ideal situation and we all know that idealism is far from realism. So, in reality, what happens is everyone is eating what they find tasty. This has resulted in a situation where men of all professions, be it lawyers, doctors, engineers and all of them eat the same food.

This is why most men are suffering from some kind of deficiency because taste has become the priority and not health. Men are the biggest consumers of fast-food items like burgers, pizza, and pasta that are rich in cholesterol and artificial sugar.

Bad cholesterol and artificial sugar are not easily digestible hence, they increase the chance of constipation, loose bowel and poor metabolism.For good digestion, one must not eat high fibrous items such as green leafy vegetables, raw fruit, nuts, cereals, seafood etc.

Fibre is one such nutrient that is itself not digested but it smoothens the gut which helps the faeces to pass smoothly. This is the reason doctor advises people to eat more fibre to get rid of digestive issues.

Lack of physical effort

Another reason for digestive issues which men do not consider is the lack of physical effort. You must be eating the right kind of food but due to lack of physical labour. This is the reason doctor and health experts stress doing some kind of exercise for better digestion. For example,play your favourite sport (outdoor) such as cricket, football, tennis. Or if you don’t want to get involved in sports then go for running, walking or jogging.

Doing a workout stretches the muscles and tissues of the gut which makes the stool pass easily and exit from the anus. This is why men that do desk jobs and don’t do much physical effort force them to take Cenforce 200atPowpills. No need to do an intense workout on the very first day as it may lead to cramps or hamstring. Common men are not actors, celebrities or sportspersons hence, they must not build six-packs to flaunt on social media. For the same reason, it is said that only study and no play make Jack a dull boy. So, from now focus on the food you eat and moving your body and stretching muscles.

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