Factors to Consider When Renting a House in Kenya

Renting a house in Kenya offers many advantages, from flexibility, affordability, and access to quality amenities, to mention a few. Nonetheless, such benefits can only be captured if you find and rent the best properties. So, what do you need to consider when renting a house to ensure you realize the many benefits? Here is a glance at the top consideration that can help you navigate the extensive rental market and enjoy the best experience.

The budget

How much can you afford? The financial consideration needs to account for more than the monthly rent. It would be best to consider other expenses against your income, including utilities like electricity, water, food, and transport. You could, for example, find a cheap house but spend more time and money on transportation to and from work or school for your kids. In the long run, this could cost you more than a house near school and workplace. Do a thorough budget check, accounting for total costs you stand to incur, ensuring you pick rental property matching your needs and in line with your financial situation.


An excellent and cheap rental house, but in an unsafe neighborhood, that is not the best way to go. With the many estates in Kenya, you can find an ideal and affordable house in a safe and vibrant neighborhood. Check out Hauzisha.co.ke listings in Kitengela; you will find amazing gated community estates, each offering a unique environment. Comparing the estates in the neighborhood ensures you rent a house in an area that feels safe and comfortable, more like home. Location can’t be emphasized enough in real estate, and as you pick a neighborhood, it is essential to ensure it is not just close to your workplace but also boasts good security.

Your needs

Are you moving in alone, with a friend or family, and do you own pets? Your needs should guide your search. First, list the minimums you can’t afford to sacrifice. This includes house size, number of rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities available, and parking space. With your needs in mind, you won’t easily be swayed by irresistible rental properties that will make your stay more challenging, such as renting a parking space elsewhere or living in a crowded space. With the extensive Kenyan real estate market, you can easily find a rental house marking all boxes on your checklist, including unique personal preferences.

Property condition

A thorough house inspection can’t take the backseat when selecting a rental house. Don’t be swayed by those flashy superficial aspects. They could distract you from considering the structural soundness of the house. Plumbing and electrical issues, for example, can make your stay a nightmare. Don’t be tricked into moving in and waiting for repairs and replacements. Ensure the house is in top shape before you sign the rental agreement, ensuring you won’t have to finance such maintenance expenses or wait forever before they are addressed.

Professional help

Have you considered hiring a real estate agent? The professionals can help you in many ways, including looking where you wouldn’t think you could find rental properties. They can also provide valuable information like the going rental prices and help you avoid common pitfalls like falling prey to fraudsters. Hiring a real estate agent might seem costly and unnecessary, but it can save you more time and money.

Rental agreement

Verbal agreement! That’s a big NO. Instead, ensure you sign a detailed rental agreement; it protects you and the landlord. Before putting ink to the dotted line, read between the lines. Understand every clause to ensure there are no sneaky details that can come back to haunt you. You can even consult a property lawyer to help you understand any legal complexities in the contract.

Finding a rental property in Kenya is not a hassle, especially with services like Hauzisha. With the above pointers, you won’t let just about any house. You will find and rent a house you love, making your stay a joy.

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