What you shouldn’t do if you’re trying to quickly promote your small business account on Instagram

No matter how developed the Instagram promotion sphere is today, people still make many mistakes while trying to promote their pages there. It especially applies to people who are trying to develop their businesses here, small and medium ones. They know a lot about running the business itself, but know close to zero about how promotion works and try to copy what others are doing. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it leads to failures only. To figure out what you should do and what you shouldn’t, we recommend you to read this article and draw conclusions about what you might’ve been doing wrong.

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  • First of all, don’t try to collaborate with bloggers and other brands before you gain a certain base of subscribers. You might do it faster by using a chance to buy Instagram followers, for example, or you can spend some time on trying to gain them yourself. It’s not hard and only takes everyday precision, some effort and thought to put in. However, a certain number of subscribers is highly recommended if you want to keep on growing and making people fall in love with your brand. Even if you collaborate with a bigger blogger than you are right now, their only recommendation won’t be enough for people to suddenly trust in you. You have to prove them your worth with the certain characteristics of your account.
  • Further on: choose the needed number of subscribers that you want to purchase, and make sure that you buy real Instagram followers, thumbs up, comments, etc. The exact number is very important to the small accounts – many people mistakenly think that the more the better, but this is a very deep misunderstanding that can actually ruin the promotion from the very start. If you buy a small portion of subscribers, the chances of it looking natural are higher than if you’d buy a ton right away. Plus, if you’re willing to develop your account and keep it balanced and organic, you need to add those up with some thumbs up and comments to make sure that your profile still looks real after the bought services arrive.
  • And the next one: if you’re buying the paid services, it doesn’t mean that you can leave your profile hanging in there with no attention from the creator. You have to put in effort into your daily posting of stories and posts, and you have to answer all the comments and messages you’re getting from people. Without that you’re risking to quickly lose the audience that you’ve had the success to gain. People need to see that you’re here for them and they need to always remember about your brand to fall in love with it. And if you’re aiming for worldwide success, it is better to find yourself some helpers who will always be in touch with your people as the audience will grow exponentially and you will probably not have enough time to answer all the requests that you’re going to gain.

Summing up, what are the main no’s of a good promo campaign? Don’t collaborate before you reach a certain level of popularity; don’t buy too many promo services, and if you buy some, make sure that you’re investing into the real subscribers of a high quality, and not into bots; delegate things that you don’t have time for and create a small team that’s going to work with people who are following you online.

If you follow all of those pieces of advice, great and tangible changes will come to your profile in no time. You only have to have the courage to use those tricks and keep all of the above in mind while scavenging for the paid promo services online. However, the main worry should be about the quality of the paid services, as there are many scammers online who are trying to take their clients’ money and leave them with nothing. So be careful and thoughtful, and good luck!


Zaman Lashari
Zaman Lashari
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