7 Small Business Opportunities for Investment in Italy

Italy is one of the most important economies in the world. The pandemic hit the country in the worse possible way and took many lives. But now, things are slowly getting back to normal because of the vaccine roll-out. So, now might be the best time to start a business in Italy and bring its economy back to normal. The unprecedented times might be over and you can start a business even if you don’t have a ton of money.

Italians might be open to new ideas so you can try to be creative. If you have any reliable service plans like Spectrum phones plans or internet packages, then market research could become easier. Moreover, you should only dive into it after doing your homework and selecting a target audience. No business can be a guaranteed success but anything is possible if you work hard enough. Here are some interesting ideas:

7 Small Business Ideas

#1: Farmer’s Market

We all know how seriously Italians take their food. For them, fresh produce might be the most important thing. So, a farmer’s market might be a great way to tap in to this business. You can start small by renting out a small space. Make sure you get the freshest vegetables and don’t compromise on quality.

#2: Food Cart

Another great way to start small is with a food cart. You can pick a busy street where people like to hang out a lot. Preferably look for a spot in the city center. It shouldn’t be that hard if you’re in a bigger city like Milan or Venice. It doesn’t even matter what you sell as long as it tastes good. So, pick a pasta or even a drink and you’re good to go.

#3: Makeup Artist

If you have the right skill set, this can be one of the best things you can do. It can be easy to set up a customer base by using social media. So, you can do makeup on yourself or ask your friends to become your muse. Then, keep posting new looks on social media, especially TikTok. There are always one or two makeup-related TikTok trends that you need to follow. It can help you boost your business and get people talking about your skills. Moreover, what’s better than making money out of something that you love doing.

#4: Online Grocery Delivery

The post-pandemic world is completely different. Most people prefer to order their groceries online now. So, it can be a great opportunity to start something of your own. If you have a good delivery radius and competitive prices, customers can start pooling in. Now is the best time to venture into grocery-ecommerce because more people are now shopping online than ever.

#5: Digital Marketing Agency

If you know a bit about digital marketing strategy and graphic design, you can start your marketing agency. Getting your first client might be the trickiest part, but not impossible. You can go up to small local businesses around your neighborhood first. Try to convince them to give you a chance even if you have to offer a week of free services. So, if they see a difference in their sales, they will probably sign a retainer with you.

#6: Day-Care Center

If you love kids, you can start a day-care or baby sitting business. You can start with babysitting kids in your own family. And if you like doing it, you can expand your reach to other people. You might need some patience and a lot of smiles to deal with the kids. But it might be one of the most rewarding businesses to start. You don’t need any investment capital and can start straight away. Make sure that you know your worth and charge a fair hourly fee.

#7: Home-Cooked Food

Many local restaurants had to shut down during the pandemic because they couldn’t sustain their business costs. So, most people had to start cooking at home. It was easier because they were home during lockdowns. But now, they have to go out to work and cooking at home might not be possible. So, you can have a great opportunity to start a business for home-cooked meals. You can even sell them online if you have data plans like Spectrum mobile plans or reliable WiFi. You can deliver it to people’s homes and offices. Most people would appreciate a warm home-cooked meal over outside snacks.

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