social security benefits cola 2023 – Going To Increase More Than 150 Dollars in 2023

social security benefits cola 2023 is the Cost of Living Adjustment abbreviation and is expected to increase due to high inflammation in the year 2023. It just became the highest in decades. And after the 1980s, it just became more and more. However, the increasing amount is not yet but might be revealed in the middle of next month.

COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) for 2023 is thought to be based upon the Price index (Customer price index) of all the urban wage gainers ( salary earners) and also on CPI-W. CPI-W is the ‘Consumer Price index- Wage’ of clerical or urban earners.

What We Found About Social Security Benefits COLA 2023

SSA, also known as the Social Security Administration, helps adjust COLA (Cost of living adjustments) every year by engaging benefits per inflation increase on each account. This October, the agency will declare and announce the COLA (cost of living adjustment) and all the Social Security Benefits COLA 2023 will bring. An inner source confirmed this news about the announcement of the agency of social security benefits COLA 2023 this October. 

If we talk about COLA (cost of living adjustments), it is truly based on the calculation of CPI-W percentage. It is an official gauge measurement by the U.S. BLS ( U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

It provides a measurement of an average change that occurs over time in the workers paying prices and is termed the Consumer goods and services basket.

You can also get the information from the official website, where the SSA ( Social Security Administration) explains COLA. They also share that it’s a percentage of CPI-W increments by the 3rd quarter of last year’s average as to the present year’s average. The 10th of percent increases when it’s rounded, and then this increment is applicable every month SSP (social security payments ). 

How will I get to know about my Social Security Benefits for 2023?

The U.S.-based BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) will announce the inflation rate and data on the 13th of October. SSA (Social Security Administration) is designed in such a way that it gives you information about the cost of living adjustment right after the declaration of the inflation rate by BLS.

In December, Specific benefits rates will be available in detail after receiving letters from Beneficiaries. There is this online website called My social security benefits cola 2023 website that will help you to verify yourself if you missed the letter by the beneficiary. In January 2023, Checks are received and take effect in December due to COLA (cost of living adjustments). 

SSP (social security payments) will then follow a schedule accordingly. Most of the time, it is rolling out on birthdates. For example, if you are born on the 1st week of the month, your benefits will be paid at the month’s center. 

A person with a birthdate from the 1st to the 10th will have benefits on Wednesday. It’s just that simple! 

If a person falls between the 11th to 20th of the month regarding birth date, then you will surely have it in the middle of the month and on Wednesday per month. The person will check out an increment on the 18th of January by COLA. 

If the person’s birth date ranges from 20th to 30th or end of the month, he will be able to get paid his benefits on the 4th Wednesday of the month. 

Inflation is getting High and Affecting Senior Citizens. 

SSB (Social Security beneficiaries) gained almost 6% from the Cost of Living adjustment last year. But this year, inflation has increased and is up to the sky, which may be lost the power of buying research from the Senior Citizen League. 

Due to the inflation rate, July decreased the benefits accordingly with the Senior Citizens League. The rate of 1600 dollars is becoming 374 dollars cutting the 58-60 dollars per year. 

A survey showed that half of the persons with middle age or age of 55 are dipping their savings into everyday living, published by Senior Citizen League.

Almost 50 percent of them visited the pantry for food and asked for SNAP benefits (Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program). Almost 45 percent have been carrying debt on Credit cards for more than three months. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

When is social security cola announced in 2022?

On the 13th of October, SSA announced COLA 2022. In September 2022, The CPI-W was released on the 13th of October. Even in 2023, the date expected is similar. 

What will the COLA be for 2023 for Social Security?

It will be 8 to 10 percent for sure. Legislative Policy of Govt. Affairs confirmed the SSR (social security recipients) to expect social security benefits COLA for 2023 of 8 to 10 percent. 

Does everyone on Social Security get the COLA?

SSI (Social Security & Supplemental Security Income) gets pace with COLAs and with inflation as well. Now the latest secured is almost 5.9 percent COLA. 

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