Staycationing on a Budget: How to Save Money While Travelling the UK

It’s the holiday season once again, and millions of Brits are planning on enjoying the summer with their friends or family, in a variety of sun-dappled locales and urban destinations alike. But for many families, this holiday season is a bittersweet one.

These holidays are the first to be near-completely unaffected by coronavirus-related travel restrictions; their affordability is also being impacted heavily by the onset of an unprecedented cost-of-living crisis, pricing a large number of households out of their travel plans.

‘Staycationing’, or the art of domestic holidaying, has been dear to the UK’s heart for generations. This year, it appears to be once again surging in popularity, as holidaymakers eschew the cost and stress of international travel for the wonders that can be found on our home soil. For the savings-minded, there are some cunning ways to further bring down the cost of your holiday –leaving you with more to spend, or more to save for the coming year.

The Heritage Pass

Many of the places worth visiting on a UK holiday are English Heritage sites. English Heritage is a charity that conserves and protects the various landmarks and monuments that make up English history, from pre-historic ruins like Stonehenge to modern marvels in industrial history.

English Heritage offers a membership scheme, which enables unfettered access to all English Heritage sites for a relatively small fee – while extending free membership to your children. Such memberships can allow you to visit incredible places essentially for free.

Discounts and Offers

With a little more shrewd thinking, you can extend savings to all manner of holiday-related expenditures. Coupon codes are often available for family attractions, as well as limited-time offers through sponsors and media outlets.

You may also be able to utilise your work to secure a discount. For example, healthcare workers looking to get a deal can utilise a Premier Inn discount code NHS – significantly reducing the cost of hotel stays for city breaks in the process.

Work for Your Holiday

This isn’t the most practical solution for family breaks but can present a useful way for friends to enjoy a summer escape without breaking the bank. There may be ways in which you can work towards your holiday; a key example of this lies in the UK’s music festival season, where festival volunteers get free access to the festival in exchange for a period of work. The same is true for hostels in destination towns.

Failing this, the new normal of remote work may enable you to enjoy a break without officially taking any leave from work. By bringing your work setup with you, you can carry out a normal working day in the daytime, then enjoy your break in the evening.

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