Street Style Inspiration Summer 2022

These days, eye wear has become a true must-have for every fashion-minded person. Since glasses are the first thing people notice about you, why not take advantage of this opportunity and leave a lasting impression? It’s fair to say that no outfit is complete without a good pair of on-trend glasses. As LP once said: “All you need to transform your look and change into someone cooler is a pair of sunglasses on a hot summer day.” The same goes for optical frames. If you wear glasses, you can use them as a “tool” to express your individual style and frame your personality.

It’s obvious that the key element of a fashionable summer look is the right pair of shades. To say the street style is in a league of its own is an understatement. Actually, it’s one of the most widely adapted styles and one of the most favorite trends both for men and women alike. Moreover, street fashion does not know age, which makes people love it even more. Street fashion sunglasses and optical frames are characterized by their unique designs that turn heads and make a statement. While having dozens of glasses might not be your thing, it’s a nice idea to add at least one unique pair to your year-round rotation and make a big statement every time you put them on. This year’s sunglass trends favor strong geometric shapes, and vibrant colors that can easily coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe. Besides, there are numerous other styles that will seamlessly complement any street style outfit. Cat-eyes with a twist, shield sunglasses, oval frame shades, athletic-inspired styles, square sunnies, and more are your ticket to looking sharp and elevating your summer wardrobe.

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If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the rest of look-alikes, mass production is a no-go. You need quality glasses that will unleash your inner fashionista and make a solid impression on the world that surrounds you. With over three decades of designing eyewear, Henau is a unique brand with its own identity. Showcasing glasses as haute couture, Henau has established itself as a benchmark for those who love refined shapes, geometric abstract, and treat their eyewear as precious add-ons. Even though Henau has a great international allure, its home base will always be Belgium. However, its assembly line is outsourced in France and Japan where some of the best artists put Henau glasses together for your ultimate satisfaction. So what is special about Henau glasses? First and foremost, each Henau piece boasts the unique, hand-drawn design complemented by cool and edgy colors. Second, all Henau glasses blend perfectly optical functionality and flawless Belgian craftsmanship, giving you a look that is both trendy and comfortable. Finally, this contemporary eyewear is designed to fit every nose and match every character, making it a great addition to everyone’s collection.

With summer in full swing, don’t get caught without the latest shades and optical frames to complete your street style outfits!

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