Sweater ERP: Accurate Tracking Increased Production

When you run a business, you have to manage many things. There are various daily activities, especially in the apparel business. You will be responsible for checking sales, inventory, finances, employees and staff, and customer satisfaction by sweater ERP.

A production ERP software can solve a lot of your problems. It can help you enhance the production processes and make the functions more efficient. The ERP system provides an integrated and independent platform to businesses to cover the business processes.

In the RMG industry, sweater ERP helps keep track of inventory and raw materials. This, in return, enhances the production of goods for the industries. There are several more benefits of using a sweater ERP system in the RMG industry.

Sweater ERP: 8 Step Implementation Process

The ERP system can be a great inclusion for your clothing business. But before you implement it, you will need to understand how the system works. Here are a complete 8 steps to implement the ERP system into your business.


This step involves planning for the project and meeting for implementation. You will first set a meeting with the company. And in the discussion, you will discuss the different aspects of the project.


The company will show you the blueprint explicitly designed for your business in this step. You will come across different modules and ideas of business process models. This step usually defines the complete planning of the ERP system implementation.


Once you have discussed the complete blueprint of the system, it’s time to install the software. This step will prepare the installation process and set up the PrismERP software into your system. This step also involves training for the employees and staff to use the ERP system.


This step includes designing, developing, integrating, and testing the installed ERP system. The system should be customized to support the business functions of your company. You might have to run functional CRP testing to check the system.


In this step, preparation means migrating company data into the ERP system. You might also define cutover and run integrated ERP testing in this step.

Going live

Once you have crossed the preparation stage, it is time to go live with the system. This step also involves training the end-users and system cutover. 

Hyper Care

In this step, you will need to implement the system more in-depth to support the business functions. You might need to add extensive support in regards to suiting the system better for your company.


The Prism ERP system enables constant support for the customers. As a business owner, you have already successfully implemented the system in your business. You can reach out to the support system for any modifications.

Benefits of ERP System in the Apparel Industry

The ERP system you implemented can be highly beneficial for your apparel business. Here are 6 ways how the ERP system can be beneficial for your company.

Streamlined Processing

Streamlined processing means cutting on the functional errors and removing delays. Your company will be using various business processes every day. The ERP system enables you to reduce faults on them and be productive.

Reducing Costs

When you reduce errors, the cost of production goes down significantly. This will enable you to get more profit from using the ERP system.

Improving Productivity

The ERP system will enable you to improve your productivity incredibly. There are fewer functional errors. As a result, the business runs smoothly with less cost and more profit.

Faster ROI

ROI means Return on Investment. As you incur fewer costs, the production goes high. As a result, you will experience a better return on what you invest in your business.

Enhanced Customer Service

As production efficiency improves, you will find more ways to satisfy customer needs. This will improve your customer service management. And you will be able to meet demands easily.

Analysis and Reporting

The ERP system comes with analysis and reporting of your business functions. The software will report monthly or quarterly operations. This will allow you to make changes to the business functions to improve production and customer services.


The ERP system is a great tool to enhance business productivity. And it is specifically applicable to the RMG industry. A sweater ERP system enables better tracking of the inventory and raw materials. Once you implement the system, you will be able to track the production better. As a result, you will experience productive outcomes in your business.

If you are still in the research stage, it is time to trust your gut and install the system. Arrange a meeting with the company and check out the blueprint that suits your business.

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