The three best ways to get around Europe this Summer

The temperature has ramped up, which can only mean one thing – it’s time to explore! And while you may think that jumping on a plane is the best way to see Europe this summer, we’ve got some even better ideas for you; ones that will give you time and space to explore the most untouched parts of this gorgeous continent and have the adventure of a lifetime!


When you think of continental Europe, what is one of the most familiar types of transport that pops into your head? If you haven’t said scooters, you may want to do a bit more research. While the classic Vespa, in particular, is synonymous with the hustle of the metropolitan Italian cities, scooters are, in fact, incredibly popular all around the Mediterranean, and with good reason. By picking one of these new Piaggio electric scooters, with their road versatility, neither the congestion of major cities nor the hairpin turns of the mountain roads will cause much concern for you as you explore these ancient kingdoms to your heart’s content while being eco-friendly to boot!


It is so convenient as a mode of transport that you can also live in. One of the major perks of traveling around Europe in a campervan is that you have your home wherever you go, meaning that you can pitch up wherever takes your fancy (within reason!) for the night. In much of Europe, particularly in coastal areas, you will find that they cater well to campervan travelers, with permanent camping grounds to be found near most big attractions. These can range anywhere from fields and nothing else to fully equipped sites boasting electrical hookups, bars, and shops. And if you do want to take a trip off the beaten path and discover something special, you’re ideally placed to do so, with all of your home comforts at your fingertips!

Public transportation

One aspect of Europe that many travelers from overseas find astounding is the quality of the public transport system. From the Parisian Metro, one of the world’s oldest underground railway systems, to the overground railway system that connects the countries of mainland Europe to one another, it is both easy and cost-effective to get around. Buses are also common and cheap, connecting towns to one another regularly as well as providing services to the most popular beach destinations too. And public transport doesn’t just mean trains and buses; in Venice, the waterways are populated by boats that will get you to each destination in this aquatic city with ease. Speaking of boats, the Mediterranean Sea is littered with gorgeously sun-kissed islands, with boat operators on hand to deliver you between them for a truly spectacular experience.
With so much to see and do in Europe, it is a no brainer to see why people flock in their droves to explore this historic continent. And with these brilliant ways to travel, you’ll truly be making the most of your time and money.

Zaman Lashari
Zaman Lashari
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