The Ultimate Spicy Chicken Sandwich Recipe

This spicy chicken sandwich recipe is very easy to follow. It will give you a tender and juicy spicy chicken sandwich. In every bite, you will enjoy a scrumptious burst of flavor. Topped with spicy mayo and tenderized in a buttermilk marinade, this sandwich is amazingly delicious and you only need a few ingredients.

You can make the best spicy chicken sandwich from the comfort of your home. A good chicken sandwich is always an obsession. KFC, Chick-fil-A, and Popeyes are reputed for their spicy chicken sandwiches.

  • Chicken sandwich is my favorite food. I am pleased to announce that I have finally figured out how to make this incredible meal from the comfort of home. Anyone can easily follow this recipe for spicy chicken sandwich.

Juicy and tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, each piece of this sandwich is loaded with great flavor that will satisfy your cravings for fried chicken. You only require a handful of ingredients to get started.

What Are The Ingredients for This Spicy Chicken Sandwich?

This spicy chicken sandwich recipe needs only a two-step process. It also requires simple ingredients some of which you will find in your kitchen. Below are the ingredients you require:

  • Chicken thighs- skinless and boneless: To make your chicken extra tender and juicy, you should use large pieces of chicken without removing the fat. It is better you use chicken thighs instead of breasts. If you prefer a meatier and denser texture, you can use chicken breasts.
  • Garlic powder, pepper, salt, and sriracha: You will use this to season the marinade.
  • A cup of buttermilk: This is a vital ingredient that will make the meat extra flavorful and tenderize it. You can purchase buttermilk from a grocery store near you. If it is not available, mix a tablespoon of lemon with a cup of whole milk. Stir the ingredients and let them set for five minutes before you mix into the species.
  • Mayonnaise and sriracha: You will use this for making the burger sauce.
  • Flour, paprika, cornstarch, cayenne powder, garlic powder, pepper, salt: The chicken will be dredged into these ingredients. If you want your sandwich to be less spicy, you can reduce or skip the cayenne powder.
  • Burger buns: You should toast these lightly with butter. The best choice will be brioche buns. This will add a heavenly touch to your sandwich.
  • Cooking oil:This is used for frying the chicken. It is advisable to use a deep frying pan or a deep fryer, this will prevent oil splatters and overcrowding.

How to Prepare the Best Spicy Chicken Sandwich

This spicy chicken sandwich reciperequires a simple method. However, there are some tips that will make you to have an incredible result.

  • Marinate your chicken: For the best result, marinate your chicken overnight. This will tenderize your meat and bring out the whole array of flavors. If time is a problem, marinate the chicken in the buttermilk mixture for at least four hours.
  • Mix in a portion of the buttermilk marinade into your flour mixture: You can add around two tablespoons of the mixture and use a fork to whisk it. This will make the coating to have extra crunchy pieces. Use your hands to press the flour mixture on both sides of your chicken. This will ensure all the surfaces are properly coated.
  • Fry the Chicken: Fry your chicken at 325˚F until it becomes golden brown. It can take around 3-4 minutes to perfectly cook each side of the chicken. The amount of time it takes will depend on the size of your chicken. The thickest part should register 75 degrees Celsius and must have a crispy and brown exterior. Fry one or two pieces each time to help in maintaining temperature.
  • Toppings: You should be creative with the toppings. You can add a slice of lettuce, garlic pickles and tomato. The choice is yours. You cannot go wrong with adding your favorite toppings.

How to Serve

You can serve with lightly toasted brioche. You can use regular buns but brioche buns will take things to a whole new level.

What you need is buttery and soft brioche with some hint of sweetness. This will create the most amazing spicy chicken sandwich.

Before you assemble your spicy chicken sandwiches, you can toast them with a little butter. Because they are delicate, you should exercise caution to avoid burning them.

The Bottom-Line

If you have been asking: how to make spicy chicken sandwich from home, this recipe has been quite helpful. You don’t require any technical skills or complicated ingredients. All the ingredients that you need are right in your kitchen. If you can’t find buttermilk in the stores, you can make it using lemon and whole milk.

You can make a chicken sandwich that is just as good as something that you can purchase from KFC. You just need to follow instructions.

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