Things To Do After You Have Been In A Motorcycle Accident

You need to act promptly if you are the victim of a motorbike accident. Assess your injuries first, then follow the steps correctly to keep yourself safe.

There are thousands of motorcycle accidents every year in the USA. Over 5000 people died in 2019 alone due to being in motorcycle accidents. You can take all the necessary precautions while riding your motorcycle on the road, but it still doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get into an accident. Hence, you need to know the necessary steps to take if you suffer from a motorcycle accident. You need to know the proper steps that will help you get fair compensation for damages or injuries you incur. Read on to know what steps you should take after being in a motorcycle accident.

1.  Get To a Safe Place


If you are able to, get off the road and get to the sidewalk. You should ask for help from people around you if you are unable to move. They will block the traffic and help you get off the road and move to a safe place on the sidewalk. You should try to limit your movement by keeping your body in neutral position.

The safety of your motorcycle is also important, so try to move it off the road so that passing vehicles don’t crash onto it, creating another accident. But do remember to prioritize your physical safety before the safety of your vehicle.


2.  Take Time To Grasp The Situation


It is normal for you to be in shock after an accident; hence, you need to stay grounded. You need to try and be calm and assess how you are feeling physically and mentally as well. You also need to try and remember everything that happened. This way you will be able to report the accident accurately to the law enforcement and medical personnel as required.


3.  Report Any Symptoms Or Injuries


After the accident, there will be an emergency response team of paramedics at the site. You need to include details about where the accident occurred, the details of where you fell, and how you landed. You must also inform them about what part of your body got injured.

You must let them know in detail if you feel hurt or even if you are feeling numb. This is very important as they will be able to give you proper treatment only if they are fully informed of your symptoms and injuries.

If the other person is not cooperative about compensation, you need to think about consulting a motorcycle lawyer. They will guide you in taking the next legal steps that will benefit you.


4.  Fill In The Law Enforcement In Details


You should give law enforcement a detailed description of the accident as soon as possible. You need to fill them in about what happened right before, during, and immediately after the accident. Giving all the details is necessary as it will help them to complete your police report. You need to be particularly detailed about this, as the police report can also serve as evidence if you file a claim.


5.  Collect Evidence


If it is possible, try to take pictures of the accident scene along with your injuries. You need to keep documentation of vehicle repair costs, medical records, and hospital bills. You must also collect CCTV footage of the accident from the related agencies. You might have to sue for lost income, so if the accident made you miss work, keep records of that too.


6.  Get The Contact Details Of The Other Involved Parties


If the accident isn’t a hit-and-run case and the other person involved seems to be cooperating, then you need to try and collect their contact information. This will be required if you want to contact him when any kind of compensation is concerned. The best-case scenario would be that the responsible person will offer to compensate you for whatever damages or injury that may have been caused to you.

If that is not the case, you need to attempt to negotiate a possible compensation. You also should try to collect the contact details of the people who have seen the accident take place. These people might be potential witnesses if you decide to press charges for a criminal case.


7.  Seek Assistance From Law Enforcement Agencies Or A Lawyer


If the accident is a hit-and-run case, you must report it to the law enforcement agencies as soon as possible. Since you need to make the report as detailed as possible, you need to remember as many points as possible, such as the make and model of the vehicle, its color, and any bumper stickers. It would be best if you could let them know the license plate; if you were able to see it that is. If you can provide any physical description of the driver, that would be very beneficial too.

Suppose you know the person responsible for the accident and they are not cooperating with you regarding compensation. In that case, a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you with the next course of action. You should not delay or wait a long time to sue as different states have different statutes of limitations regarding motorcycle accident injuries.

Suing the responsible government agency is also an option if the accident was caused by infrastructures that became unsafe such as uncleared debris, potholes, missing traffic signs, or uneven pavements.




No matter how careful you are, accidents do happen. It is better to be prepared, especially if you have not experienced a motorcycle accident. This way, you are more likely to get the compensation you deserve if things go to court. Taking the services of a motorcycle accident lawyer will ensure you don’t make any mistakes in your claim. Ride safe and ride responsibly.


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