Things to surprise your employees with

Apart from pay and benefits, one of the most important determinants of job satisfaction is whether or not a worker feels valued at work. Making your staff members feel appreciated is crucial for creating a positive workplace culture that makes your company a fantastic place to work.Valuing your staff should be at the top of your list of priorities, more so than your clients or shareholders. Sometimes just saying “Thank you” will help employees to feel more valued and therefore mean they’re more willing to work harder. Here are some other ways that you can surprise your employees with, to show your staff how much you value them.

Taking time out to organize something for them

Planning a trip or a team day out is a great way to reward your employees, boost mood and morale and give you all something to look forwards to. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy or extremely expensive, perhaps a meal at a local restaurant or quiz night at the office with food and drinks are all ideas that would be appreciated. If you do have a larger budget, why not book a hotel and take everyone away on a trip together – not only will this improve the relationship between everyone on the team, it is a great way to explore a new city and get to know people better.

Buy them a gift

Buying your employees a thank you gift is often a good idea, if they have for example gone above and beyond for a project or managed to secure that client that you have been wanting to work with for ages.  This could be anything from a small hamper, to a chocolate gift or spa break away with their loved ones. Whatever gift you choose, it is the thought that counts and they will definitely appreciate anything – big or small.

Upgrade their equipment

Make sure that you take time to listen to your employees, and find out if there is anything that they need that could mean they do their job better – or makes their life easier. This could be from investing in higher quality equipment, offering flexible working options or even working from home days. Understanding what motivates their specific needs and requirements means that not only will they become more efficient at their job, but also more motivated and striving for success.

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