Tips for Installing a UV Disinfectant Light

UV (ultraviolet) and violet-blue light have germicidal potential and offer many benefits beyond killing bacteria, viruses, and pathogenic microbes. If you plan to install a UV disinfectant, stick to trusted professionals. You can install different lights, including vantage and flash models.

Vantage UV light disinfectants are installed on the ceiling or high walls to provide autonomous sanitization in large rooms. Flash disinfectants are movable and suit targeted sanitization. Here are top tips for installing ultraviolet and violet blue disinfectant lights:

1) Work With Licensed UV Light Installers

UV light installations are best suited to licensed, insured experts. Attaching the light panels to a ceiling or wall requires specific tools and insights. You should consider working with trusted electricians that have experience handling germicidal UV products. The lights are wired on a separate circuit to avoid turning them on/off when operating general light fixtures. Using different circuits is also a safety measure. 

Professional electricians and UV light installers know the safety requirements and procedures and have the necessary gear. They can achieve quality installation and only leave once everything is set up as intended. Working with a licensed professional will make sure your UV disinfecting system works properly. Professionals also have insurance and offer quality guarantees. They will cover the damage to protect your property if anything goes wrong.

2) Choose Premium UV Disinfectant Fixtures

UV light disinfection uses UVC, which occupies the wavelength with the germicidal potential. Most disinfection products use UVC, but not all have the same intensity. You need premium fixtures and models for effective disinfection. Top-rated UV sanitizers can kill up to 99.9% of E. coli, MRSA, Salmonella, C. diff., Norovirus C. Auris and coronavirus. The pathogens cannot grow immune to UV light. Use the following criteria to find leading brands and UV light models:

  • Germicidal Potential: The best UV disinfection lights are powerful enough to kill most pathogenic microbes, including bacteria and viruses.
  • Safety Controls: Consider safety measures and controls available for the UV light fixture and how to use them.
  • Size Vs. Room: If you have a large room to disinfect, you should install an overhead UV light. Find the appropriate light panel size for your space.
  • Quality Warranties: Reputable UV disinfection lights have lengthy quality warranties and use premium parts.
  • Usability & Ergonomics: The best UV disinfection systems are user-friendly and easy to clean, control, and maintain.

3) Use Proper UV Light Controls 

UV light controls are for safety rather than energy efficiency. The controls aim to prevent accidental exposure to the germicidal UVC light. Popular controls include occupancy sensors that automatically switch off the light when someone walks into the room. When installing UV disinfectant lights, consider timers, control systems, wireless controls, and programmable switches. Timers allow you to set a designated run time of 15 or 30 minutes.

Switches offer extra protection when working with autonomous UV light disinfectants. You can have a differently colored switch outside the room and add a warning note so people can use it before waking inside. Controls allow you to adjust different settings, including runtime schedules, cycles, and UV intensity. You can also install an indicator light outside the room to show when the UV light fixture is running.

4) Install The Fixture at The Right Site

UV light fixture installation should be strategic. You want to maximize the fixture’s capabilities and cast the germicidal radiation to all parts of the room. Choose an open location without furniture or artwork blocking the UV light. The goal is to sanitize maximum surfaces since UV light fixtures can only disinfect objects exposed directly to radiation. The ceiling is a popular installation choice for offices and businesses.

You can also choose the corner of a wall. Make sure the UV light fixture is in a vantage position to sanitize everything below. The light can disinfect desktops, tabletops, computer keyboards, door handles, chairs, shelves, cabinets, and floors. Professional UV light installers will help you identify the best place to install your fixture for maximum sanitization. The goal is to eliminate blind spots and expose all pathogens to germicidal light.

UV Disinfectant Installation Key Takeaways

Installing UV light fixtures is a technical process your licensed electrician can complete within a short amount of time. Some installations may involve tearing the ceiling or wall to set up the wiring. Others feature wireless controls, so the installation is simpler and shorter. Whichever option you choose, let experts handle the installation.

When installing a UV disinfectant light, choose premium fixtures that can kill all harmful pathogens found in everyday spaces. The best fixtures can run autonomously to disinfect unoccupied rooms. You can also integrate multiple safety controls to protect users and guests from direct exposure to UVC light.

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