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The centralized Internet service provider (ISP) industry is riddled with flaws. The network is often overloaded and congested, so not all users can get high-quality bandwidth. But your ISP will regularly charge you for that. As a result, using the Internet can become a nightmare.

PKT network aims to solve these problems and reduce the monopoly of ISPs. By expanding this mesh network, users can access high-speed Internet from anywhere in the world without relying on the questionable services of ISPs. Moreover, those lucky enough to have high-quality bandwidth and not use it to the fullest can share it with the network and make extra money.

In this way, you mine your Internet and earn PKT cash coins. That might sound complex, but the entire process is relatively simple compared to mining other cryptocurrencies. In fact, it’s so simple and undemanding that you can check PKT Pal best cryptocurrency mining guide and start right now!

About PKT Cash

PKT cash is a digital currency used to reward members of the network. This coin uses mesh-networking technology, which improves Internet service as more users access it. It’s a place where people trade their excess bandwidth with other network members.

One of the most attractive features of PKT Cash is its low entry point. Moreover, this network allows users to stay anonymous when sending and receiving funds. Due to its decentralized nature, this coin eliminates the need for third parties, intermediaries, and transaction fees.

Besides being a safe and secure way to conduct online transactions, PKT Cash is also a convenient way to keep track of digital coin prices and their performance. That makes it an excellent investment, despite low price (source: But those who invest early are bound to benefit from it. In the long run, mining this coin can be a lucrative investment for those who want multiple income streams.

How to Start


The best thing about mining this coin is that you don’t need any specific technical skills (although you need some solid computer knowledge) and specialized hardware and software. But you will need a high-grade computer and a good network connection. You can also purchase mining devices to make the process easier and faster.

Your first step is to choose the pool and join it. It’s a group of users who mine PKT Cash coins and contribute to network quality by combining their resources. That makes the entire mining process much more manageable.

On the link below, find handy guidelines on choosing mining pool:

There are two types of participants: block miners and announcement miners. Block miners require high-grade hardware, specialized software, and a dedicated mining pool. It will take a while until you reach that level. Until then, you’ll be doing announcement mining.

Technical Requirements

The first thing you need to know about mining PKT cash is that you don’t need any previous mining experience. The process itself isn’t complicated and requires minimal hardware. As for the Internet connection, it should be reliable, fast, and stable.

Anyone can mine PKT Cash if they have a computer with a decent amount of RAM (at least 512MB), graphics card, and storage space to handle the workload. If you don’t meet these requirements, you may want to consider a dual-core processor.

Announcement Mining

The announcement mining requires you to send messages to other PKT miners in the network. These announcements must be high-quality PacketCrypt proof to pass the validation process. But you need to collaborate with other miners to complete more work in less time and with less effort. In exchange for your work, you’ll get coins.

The PacketCrypt algorithm allows miners to do less work while still proving that an announcement is highly valued. That’s because every message has a utility value. It’s based on the miners’ efforts and how many users have already announced that information.

The PKT network is accessible from any computer, server, or smartphone (see more info). It’s a very organized system not affected by congestion in network traffic. Each computer supports the other and increases network quality. That will be rewarded with PKT Cash coins. So if you’re patient and consistent, you can earn a nice income with this cryptocurrency.

Block Mining

Block miners are more responsible for the PKT Cash network and earn more coins. Also, mining blocks takes more advanced hardware and more bandwidth. It is clear that this mining level requires more dedication, responsibility, and investment in equipment, but it pays off very quickly.

An announcement miner sends out messages, while a block miner collects them into blocks. Eventually, some of these blocks will become chain parts, but only those quality ones. Blocks that are not quality and credible won’t get an coins, whose price you can check at every moment.

Announcement miners send a huge number of messages, but not all are good. That’s why the responsibility of block miners is great. Out of so many announcements, they need to choose the best and create a chain that will earn PKT Cash. In simple words, block miners maintain network quality and earn PKT Cash coins for the entire network.

As more people rely on the WWW to do their work, shop for goods and communicate, PKT Cash has a bright future. Mining this coin is an attractive venture because of its simplicity and low entry requirements. This technology will break the monopoly of ISPs and revolutionize the Internet and how we use it.

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