Tips to paint your kitchen in the right way

Do you want to paint your kitchen? Do you know the right way to paint the kitchen? When you spend your money on painting, it is important to invest it well. If you don’t know how to paint your kitchen the right way, you can also take an idea from painters in Perth. They will guide you. 

The kitchen is the main focus area of every house or apartment. So, it is important to paint your kitchen in the correct colour and in correct manner. Painting gives a fresh look, but only if done the right way.

Initial steps before you start painting

Professional painters in Perth do some important steps before they start painting. These step are very helpful for painting.

Clean all the walls: When you paint the kitchen, you must clean all the walls and ensure no dust on the walls. Otherwise, the paint will not stay on the wall. You can clean the walls with warm water and a strong cleaning solution. It will be helpful and time-saving to get hints from painters in Perth when you don’t know anything.

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Is it important to remove grease from the walls before painting?

Yes, it is important to remove grease from walls to give the painting a flourishing look. The kitchen is a greasier area so it needs more attention. Treat the walls before painting them. When you paint on the greasy wall, it will cause discolouration and create spots on the wall.

Removing the grease from the walls is especially important for an old kitchen. Painters in Perth will also help you remove grease. The new kitchens do not have any grease so you can paint easily without much effort.

Selection of the right paint

The right paint selection is a major point to paint the kitchen. If you don’t select the right paint, it will not look the same as you expect. Selection of the right colour includes choosing the right colour combination and quality of colour. If you buy low-quality paint, you need multiple coatings to show the pigment. When don’t you know how to select the right colour and paint quality? You can also take guidance from painters in Perth because they have experts in their work.

How to paint an old kitchen vs a new kitchen?

Painting an old kitchen and a new kitchen are two different things. This article will help you paint both kitchens with ease.

1. Painting of old kitchen

When you want to paint an old kitchen, these things will help you

  • Firstly, you should cover all the appliances with cloth.
  • It is important to remove old paint from the walls when you start painting. Painting over the old paint doesn’t give the actual look of the paint. It is a time-consuming process so painters in Perth will also help you by providing their painting services within time so you don’t have to.
  • It will be best to start painting from the top. When you start painting your kitchen from the top, there is no risk of falling paint on the freshly painted surface. These tricks will help you paint your kitchen the right way. You can also take help from painting companies in Perth for a more accurate job. They will guide you and give you the facility of painting your kitchen.
  • It will be best if you remove the cabinets before painting the walls. It will make your work easy and you can easily paint the kitchen walls.

2. Paint a new kitchen

When you paint a new kitchen. It will be best to paint the cabinets before painting the walls. You can select the colour of cabinets first, then choose paint colours for the walls. It is very easy to paint a new kitchen than an old kitchen. If you don’t know the colour combination, you can get directions from painters in Perth or entirely let them do the job.

Condition of the walls

Before painting the kitchen, it is essential to check the condition of the walls. Suppose there are any holes and gaps in the walls. Paint will not stay on these holes and it will look less appealing. You must fill all the holes if you think it will fit in with your budget. You can also counsel painting contractors in Perth. Good companies will help you to do kitchen painting within budget.

Final words:

Painting the kitchen in the right way needs the correct colour combination and good quality paints. If you have no experience painting the kitchen, you can also hire painters in Perth. They will help you paint your kitchen effectively.

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