Top 5 Streaming Platforms review

People are obsessed with watching new online content via streaming platforms in this modern era. And that gives us an idea of how we are moving and directing toward the online streaming channels. It’s just the people who made these streaming platforms a huge hit. It’s a truthful statement, and we all are responsible for it, and that’s why you are here as well. To gather some knowledge about the free online streaming sites. If you are a creative content creator or a brand marketer, you are giving your best kind of ideas to add some mass to the entertainment world. Also, relatable because we are doing the same, creating the best content that is readable and the best help provider.

In particular, if we talk about streaming content online, it has surely increased rapidly in the last decade. And if there is a need, there will always be competition. So this increased need leads you to increased competition, and if you are doing something, you should be the best at it.

How can you overcome the noise to make yourself a name here or build an organization? The answer is simple: you have to pay attention to the streaming video platforms and make sure to provide an attractive perspective that will lead you to more traffic, and you will win in the marketplace. 

So without wasting our time, let’s talk about the top 5 competitors in the marketplace and what are popular. 

The top 5 streaming platforms are 

  • 6streams TV, 
  • MMA streams
  • markky streams
  • Stream East
  • UFC free stream

We will briefly discuss all of them. So let’s get started. 

1)  6 Streams TV

Are you a movie or sports lover? If yes, then 6 Streams Tv is surely a platform for you. It is an online streaming service that provides users access to different streaming channels in different categories. 

6 Streams.XYZ mostly includes 

  • NFL Channel
  • MLB Channel
  • NBA Channel
  • NCAAF Channel
  • Boxing Streaming Channel
  • Sports Channel and many more. 

6Streams.Tv | Why? is an online streaming platform and is a US-based service that gives you access to all sports channels to watch online on only one site. 

You can watch anything on 6 streams. Tv as it contains all the streaming channels in one spot, and you don’t have to worry about running this site. It’s very quick, simple and user-friendly. 6Streams.Tv has the largest site that allows you are stream and is now recognized globally. If you want to watch cricket, Boxing, Wrestling, Badminton, and other World Cups, then go to this site!

Where to find 6Streams?

You can search on google or any search engine on its official website. The site is “

After entering this URL into your Search Bar, you will be directed to its official page, where you can watch streams online.

2) MMA streams

MMA is known as Mixed Martial arts. You can watch different sports categories, but the best among them is MMA. Thousands of people participate in this type of sport every year. And the fanbase of this game is above all. With time, it just got more popular and is now widespread worldwide. Especially in America, 451 million people show interest annually in MMA. But the problem that arises for the true fans of MMA is how to watch it in HD streams. People want to watch this game on HD Reddit.

If we talk about MMA, it’s a sport involving combat technique, and the fighters defeat the other player through combat. It also includes boxing type of techniques. It is the reason it is called mixed martial arts.

It gives you the privilege of punching, throwing and using combat techniques with your competitors. It is an ancient game by Brazilians. They termed it a JIu-Jitsu style. Back then, the fighters were trained before playing this sort of game. The winners always win this game because of their grip on combat techniques, and their playing style is always on point. 

Combat is a style that helps the fighter to surprise the opponent and helps you make him weaker in front of you. Many live events and tournaments happen almost every year and are organized by UFC. That’s why the craze of watching these MMA sports online via streaming has become a huge thing now. 


It is an online streaming application that is running in the world and is similar to Netflix. But if we compare, it is far better than Netflix because it will give you access to almost anything. The list is huge, including movies, sports stuff, Tv series and whatnot! All these streams and also on your smartphone. 

What exactly are markky streams

Markky stream is an online platform that allows you to watch your favorite content via streaming. The content provides you with a wide range, from kids’ content to sports and music. 

It is the most popular site right now for watching Tv shows, Streaming channels, sports and many more. It is a viewer choice because it provides different categorized content in one spot. 

 Markky Streams | Extended Library

Markky Streams is an online platform allowing the streamers a huge library containing newly created movies, Tv shows, and many more. The categories that you might be able to watch on Markky streams included:

  • Tv Shows
  • Web series
  • Comedy Shows
  • Sports Channel
  • Movies etc.

It is one the best apps to install and watch your favorite content live and provides you with many categories of content categories. You can watch whatever you feel like because it is convenient and user-friendly. You can also watch it with great quality. 

4) Stream East 

It is a free online streaming website allowing you to watch live sports channels. The Stream east sports channels include events of

  • Basketball sports 
  • Tennis sports
  • Cricket sports
  • golf sports 
  • wrestling sports 

But it gives you copyrighted content and must be illegal to use. So before using it, check to see if your government is allowing these kinds of websites or not. Otherwise, you might get a penalty for it. Avoid using Stream East if it’s banned in your country! 

In the year 2022, it will be known as the number one popular streaming site. All the football events and other cricket tournaments are streamed online and can be easily available at Stream east. It is usually the best streaming site that provides high-quality results and its users with amazing features. You can watch almost all kinds of sports here, including Basketball, Soccer, NFL, MMA etc.

The only bad thing about Stream East is its ads that are in huge numbers and interrupt your live streaming very often. The key is to avoid these spam-containing ads as they will surely bring any virus to your smartphone. If we talk about Stream East itself, it is safe to use. And for ads, you can install ad blockers and surely get rid of unnecessary ads. 

5) UFC Free Stream

It becomes difficult for sports lovers to watch every tournament or event by going to it. The reason behind it is simple: if you want to buy tickets, it will cost you, and if you want to buy them, even if it’s toxic, they will sell out faster than you imagine. So people go towards screening, Tv cables and other streams that help them to watch live sports anywhere. For that purpose, Streaming websites rescued all the fans of sports. Now you can watch your favorite sport using the UFC live stream, which which is free. But in free use, there are some kinds of restrictions. The restrictions might be in some areas where copyrighted content is banned. But you can access this site by using VPN or proxy sites.


In this article, we have discussed the top 5 streaming apps or sites in the world. Millions of people use 5 top websites or apps to watch their favorite content online without spending a single penny!

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