Tweed Suit Alteration & Tailoring Guide

Nothing screams classy and suave louder than a tweed suit at a wedding. If you are planning to attend your best friend’s wedding, then, it is time to pick the right tweed suit of the right size. Making sure that the tweed suit fits you perfectly can be a major hassle. If the suit does not fit like a glove, then you might end up looking like an eyesore at the wedding. If you are worried that your tweed suit may be out of shape or too tight or loose, then you may avail of clothing alteration service at Hello Laundry. Visit the tailor in London by getting in touch with Hello Laundry to get your tweed suit altered to your size. Consult the tweed suit alteration guide given here to obtain a brief insight into the types of tweed suit that should be in your wardrobe and the kind of alteration service that you may need for your suit. 

Different tweed suit styles for different occasions

Casual style

Beach weddings or weddings in the garden or backyard call for casual tweed suits. If you are about to select a casual tweed suit then make sure that it is of 100% cotton. Cotton suits help in staying cool and refreshed in humid weather. If cotton suits are not available, then you may also go for suits of linen or blended wool. Pick a soft colour as well like beige, light brown, tan, or light blue for the suit.

Formal style

Formal style tweed suits come with accessories that include a bow tie of soft velvet and classic brogues. It is of the utmost importance to make sure that the formal tweed suit fits perfectly to the T! Get in touch with bespoke tailors near you for altering the size of the tweed suit according to your size. Wear a black formal tweed suit to make a fashion statement. 

Semi-casual style

Attend your best friend’s wedding in a semi-casual tweed suit that is neither too formal nor too casual. Invest in an elegant suit of beige, tan, light blue, or grey tones and flaunt your style at the wedding. Accessorise your outfit with a classy wristwatch and a pair of new shoes to look fine at the event. 

Different ways in which a tweed suit can be altered

A tweed suit can be altered in different ways by an expert tailor. If your tweed suit is missing a few buttons or has loose sleeves. Then get in touch with a bespoke tailor near you for alteration services. The ways in which a tweed suit can be altered are mentioned below:

  • Modification the shoulder padding

If your shoulders are wide enough then the shoulder pads may be removed from the tweed suit for a more natural look. Shoulder pads can also be sewn on to the tweed suit to eliminate the drooping appearance of the shoulders. It should be noted that removal or addition of shoulder pads can often change the appearance and style of the tweed suit drastically. Buy a tweed suit that suits your style and looks more authentic. 

  • Alteration of the tweed suit sleeves

It is pretty easy to change the size of the sleeves of the tweed suit. Narrowing the sleeves that are too wide or lengthening the sleeves by half an inch or so is a simple procedure. However, increasing the length of the sleeves a little too much can disrupt the distance between the sleeve and the sleeve buttons, and therefore, professional help may be necessary for the alteration work. 

  • Addition of buttons

Tweed suits do not usually come with buttons. It may not be of much use to add buttons but it may certainly enhance the style of the tweed suit. If the sleeve buttons have fallen off, then one may hire the service of a tailor to sew buttons of the right colour and material to the sleeves. However, changing the button profile of the tweed suit during alteration is not recommended. For instance, modifying the button profile of a three-button tweed suit into a two-button tweed suit would be disastrous for the suit as closing the extra buttonhole will stick out like an eyesore. 

  • Reduction in length of the suit

Reducing the length of the tweed suit is done by folding the lower hem of the tweed suit by an inch or so. Care has to be taken that the length of the tweed suit is not greatly reduced as that will affect the button profile badly.


The secret to looking fashionable in a tweed suit is to make sure that it fits like a glove. Accessorise your tweed suit and be sure to wear it with the right pair of trousers and boots. Alter the size of the trousers as well and focus on its hemline and bootcut so that the pair of trousers complement the tweed suit. Wear the tweed suit to any special event and win hearts everywhere you go with your style.

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