Ultimate Beach Packing List for a Week-Long Vacation


When going for a week-long vacation to your favorite beach. One of the biggest mistakes women make is that they take a lot of unnecessary accessories on the road. The optimal choice depends on the format of the future holiday. If you are going to a beach only and no outings are planned, then you will most likely not need elegant blouses and dresses with a wide neckline. If excursions are planned in addition to swimming, you should take practical and comfortable clothes and shoes, check out summer clothes nz for more ideas.

Ultimate packing list

Here is what your ultimate beach packing list should look like:


It is better if there are several of them – 2 different models will come in handy for you to change when one of them is not dry or torn, and, of course, for various colorful photos. The closed type is useful in the pool when it is cool, or vice versa, if the body is slightly burned and it is necessary to cover the maximum possible area of ​​the body.

Pareo or light cape

A pareo or light cape will always be relevant for going to the beach. Such a little thing can be thrown even over a wet swimsuit and at the same time maintain a presentable look. In addition, it is an indispensable part of the wardrobe for a sudden trip to a coastal cafe.


You should grab two pairs – one is simple, rubber for the sea and the second is universal and more beautiful for hiking around the city.


Shorts are a convenient accessory that will be indispensable for any part of a sea trip: excursions, walks, going out to the city, to the beach.


The skirt is a kind of substitute for the previous paragraph. Choose the model of your choice – one short for daytime events and one long – to show off in a cafe, and take a spectacular photo on the beach.


It is simply impossible to imagine a tan under the scorching sun and a successful photo under its bright rays without thesemust-have sunglasses. Legendary Ray-Ban sunglasses are a great catch this summer season and just go about perfectly for long vacation.


A hat is a mandatory attribute of a beach rendezvous. Large with fields, modest denim, cap, baseball cap and take what will be most comfortable for you.


Sandals should be put in a suitcase if going out, discos, official events, or active excursions are planned. In all other cases, flip-flops are fine for you.


The dress is classic women’s clothing that emphasizes the figure and gives charm and charm. Take two with you – a long one and a short one. Both options are in demand for going to a cafe, shopping or just for lunch at a restaurant.


Pants should be taken with you in two cases: if you are flying “in the summer” from the winter cold, pants will be on you by definition, but if you travel in the velvet season, when the evenings promise to be cool, jeans will become an indispensable thing. They are in place if trips to the desert, high mountains, or extreme jungle safari are planned.


Sneakers or ballerinas go in addition to flip flops in case of rain, cold, or just as comfortable closed shoes.


Jewelry can be chosen at your discretion. Several sets of different colors. Although this is not necessary, those that are already on you at the beginning of your vacation will be enough.


A long-sleeved sweater should definitely take its place in the assembled wardrobe in case of sudden temperature fluctuations.


Enough 2-3 sets. Try to choose them in different styles and shades to be ready for any form of clothing.


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