What are the 7 reasons for selecting a virtual mailbox?

We all are witnessing the era of digitalization. A virtual version of numerous things is available. People are purchasing digital artworks in the form of NFTs. Various applications provide shopping experiences virtually. Virtual trips are becoming popular.

Digitalization of so many services and experiences is unbelievable. One more service in this list is virtual mailbox service. Previously, mails and parcels were available in physical form. While these are still available, they come with their own disadvantages. As a result, the best virtual mail box service for business comes to the rescue.

Disadvantages of Postal Office Mailbox:

Postal office mail boxes have various advantages and disadvantages. To understand the benefits of a virtual mail box, it is important to know the shortcomings of PO Mailbox.

Some of the cons attached to postal office mailbox are:

  1. Physical visit to pick up mails – Postal office mailboxes function as a storehouse for the various mails and parcels received. The role of the postal office mailbox ends here. After receiving and keeping the mails or parcels safely, it is the duty of the postal office box owner to pick mails. People with long working hours find the self pick-up element a big drawback.
  2. No 24/7 Access – Postal office mail boxes have their own timings. They are open for a particular duration daily. Having said that, it is usually the normal working hours. As a result, people have to manage timings to pick mails. Additionally, they have to wait for a while to view mails and parcels.
  3. Storage capacity – Postal office mail boxes have only so much space. They come in different sizes. However, many times even the largest mailboxes fall short in space. Numerous mails and big parcels lead to overflow in the physical mailboxes.

For all these above mentioned drawbacks, people are shifting their preference towards virtual mail.

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How is virtual mailbox an improvement over postal office mailbox?

Virtual mailbox reviews are mostly positive. Obviously, this is due to the many benefits that come along with a virtual mail box. Following is a brief list of improvements of a virtual mail box:

  1. Safety during pandemic – Indeed, virtual mailboxes have played a crucial role during pandemic. At this difficult phase, virtual mailboxes have helped businesses to run smoothly. No individual was ready to step out of their houses. Physical visit to postal office mailboxes was not possible. As a result, virtual mailboxes led to people receiving, sending and viewing all the mails in real time. Additionally, this service was a boon in maintaining social distancing.
  2. Availability – Virtual mailboxes are the best when it comes to availability. Unlike physical mailboxes, the virtual mail are available and accessible 24/7. There is never a time when this service is not running. Mails are scanned immediately after receival. The scanned version is instantly sent across to the owners.
  3. Worldwide access – Virtual mail boxes receive mails from across the globe. Contrary to physical mailboxes, there is no geographical restriction in virtual mail boxes. Businesses running in different cities are capable of real time mail management. Undoubtedly, the accessibility of virtual mailboxes is immense.
  4. Security – With physical mailboxes, there exists a risk of safety and security. Numerous individuals are in contact with the mails. As a result, there are chances of compromise on confidentiality. This problem does not arise with virtual mailboxes. Security is the priority. Immediate receiving and sending of mails excludes the middlemen. This helps in maintaining confidentiality.
  5. No clutter – Postal office mailboxes store numerous junk mails. Because, the postal office staff is unaware of the junk. When it comes to virtual mailboxes, all this clutter is avoidable. Immediately, when a scanned mail is received it can be deleted. The owner is in full control of the virtual mailbox. This helps in removing junk mail instantly.
  6. Efficiency and organization – Without a doubt, virtual mailboxes are efficient. This service helps in accessing all the mails in seconds. Forwarding, storing and deleting mails is easy with a virtual mail. These features help in proper organization of mailboxes. As a result, the whole process becomes cost and time efficient.
  7. Focus on core activities – This advantage is for businesses. Earlier, businessmen did everything in a business. Sometimes these tasks were not vital. With the existence of virtual mailboxes, the mail management can be outsourced. This ability provides entrepreneurs with time for core activities.

Ending Note:

Virtual mailboxes are an improved version of physical mailboxes. Not only digitalization but also quick mail receiving, sending and forwarding is the reason for its popularity. The postal office mailboxes are a mix of many advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, these virtual mailboxes are not all about benefits.

A virtual mailbox has its own benefits. It also has some disadvantages. Having said that, the idea is unique. This is a must try service. It is helping businesses and individuals to a great extent. During the pandemic, this one service has created a significant impact. So, if you are a businessman or a student, this service is meant for you. If you are not an owner of a virtual mail box then you are clearly missing out on it. Now is the time to register for a virtual mailbox.

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