6 Best Virtual Trade Show Platforms to Host Online Fairs

There are numerous virtual trade show platforms on the Internet. But everyone wants to pick the best among all. So, it requires you to know various features that can be beneficial to host a successful virtual event.


So, here are the 6 best virtual trade show platforms to host online fairs that you can consider and choose one for your next virtual event.

  1. Dreamcast

You Can Get the Best Networking Features with Dreamcast As Follows:

  • AI Matchmaking: You can get a perfect match attending the virtual event with you. The top virtual fair platform provides AI matchmaking technology that analyzes the common interests of the virtual event attendees and finds a new friend.
  • Networking Tables: You can connect with all the virtual event attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and others easily. Moreover, you can add live 1:1 or group chats or audio and video calls with the best virtual trade show platform in your fair for better interaction and communication.
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler: With the best virtual trade show platform, you can get a chance to schedule a meeting with the sponsors and brand executives even before the event starts.

You Can Add the Best Engagement Tools with Dreamcast as Follows:

  • Live Poll: You can add various tools, like live audience poll, hooting, clapping, likes, hearts, and other emoticons. It can be beneficial to make your event more interactive and engaging.
  • Signature Wall: You can make comments, thoughts, opinions, appreciation, etc., from others on the signature wall. It will be visible to everyone so that everyone can contribute.
  • Gamification: You can get 100+ AR/VR games on this virtual fair platform to increase some thrill and adventure. Also, you can embed your own game.

You Can Get a Seamless Analytics with Dreamcast As Follows

  • Attendee Footprint: Dreamcast is the best virtual trade show platform that provides a complete footprint of the attendees. You can analyze the most and the least visited part of your virtual fair.
  • Access Management: You can get complete access to accept or deny the attendees access to a specific part of your virtual fair. It can be beneficial, most probably when you organize special VIP events, breakout sessions, or other paid virtual events.
  • Detailed Analytics: You can get relevant data of attendees sharing about all their activities in real-time and after the event. Moreover, you can get complete information about the number of attendees to log in, time spent on the booth, etc.

You Can Get an Expertise Support Experience with Dreamcast As Follows

  • Seamless Navigation: Attendees can get a 360° navigator to explore the endless opportunities on a virtual fair. It gives an in-person experience to the attendees.
  • Introduction Guide Video: You can use a mini introduction video in an animated format to guide your attendees through every defined part of your virtual fair. It can be beneficial to boost & provide seamless navigation.
  • Real-Time and Local Zone Support: Dreamcast provides 24/7 customer support for the attendees, exhibitors, and other stakeholders. You can get instant solutions for all the problems with specialists and experts.


  • EventX

You can also reach the EventX, the best virtual trade show platform for different virtual events, like expos, fairs, conferences, etc. They provide a 3D view of the product and event. Also, you can communicate with the booth representative using the various chat, audio, and video options. This virtual fair platform is from Hong Kong that supports multi-language including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. You can get a hold of pricing by requesting on their website efficiently.

  1. vFairs

You can experience a significant virtual event with Vfair. They offer excellent communication, interactive and engaging tools for all the attendees, exhibitors, and stakeholders. It is one of the best virtual trade show platforms that provide live streaming and real-time chat box functions, along with resembling exhibit booths on the virtual trade show floor.

  1. Hexafair

You can get excellent 3D effects with this virtual fair platform. They organize engaging and interactive virtual summits, virtual trade shows, and virtual expos. Also, you can get the attendee directory the best networking tool that can be helpful to view profiles and strike up a conversation via video calls or chats.

  1. 6Connex

6Connex is also one of the best virtual trade show platforms that focus specifically on virtual trade shows, summits, and job fairs. You can get exceptional features to customize or add branding elements to the booths. Comparatively to Dreamcast, they have limited interactive features as they do not have a video call option or breakout rooms.

  1. GTR

GTR is the best virtual trade show platform with a combination of virtual networking and webinars. Also, they offer 1:1 live meetings to ease the interaction between attendees and exhibitors. It offers easy connection and information accessibility to all the stakeholders and business partners via the searchable directory.

So, these are the best virtual trade show platforms that can be helpful to host the best online fairs. You can pick the best platform as per your requirements.

Hope, you will find the above article beneficial to choose the best virtual trade show platform to host an online fair.

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