The decrease in sexual desire in women can depend on several factors. The causes of the decline in female libido can be primarily physiological, because the production of the sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone, tends to naturally decrease with increasing age and the onset of menopause. This article will explain if there is something like “Viagra for women”.

However, the problem is also found in relatively young women and before menopause. In these cases it can depend on other factors, such as:

  • Pregnancy: excessive partial or total decrease in the desire to have sexual intercourse during and after pregnancy. This may be due to compulsive hormonal changes that occur in the postpartum period or to the stress of being pregnant.
  • Pharmacological therapies: some psychotropic drugs, anxiolytics, antiepileptics and drugs against hypertension.
  • Diseases and Surgery: Some types of tumors and surgery to remove the ovaries lead to a lack of sex hormones.
  • Psychological factors: anxiety, depression and relationship problems. Mainly due to certain wrong dynamics that are established within the couple. They can lead to an uncontrolled increase in anxiety, tension, nervousness and mood swings in women.
  • Vaginal dryness: can make sexual intercourse annoying and painful, negatively affecting libido and the desire to have intercourse.
  • Wrong lifestyles: especially excessive alcohol and drug intake.

What to do to increase female libido in menopause

Especially during menopause, hormone levels undergo frightening and uncontrolled fluctuations, which affect sexual life and relationships. Among the things to do to increase female libido, eating well and doing exercise activities allow you to keep your weight under control, make you feel more energetic and toned, improve mood and mitigate dissatisfaction with bodies perceived as lighter, a typical symptom of menopause. They are a great remedy for feeling more beautiful and attractive.

Dissatisfaction with sexual intercourse should also not be underestimated. Problems such as vaginal dryness, causing painful sensations, make the act difficult and far from enjoyable, leading in the long run to disinterest in it. In these cases, a lubricant can be used together with a good intimate moisturizer.

If the causes are stress, irritability and nervousness, natural remedies can be used such as supplements based on vitamins, antioxidants and natural shrubs, such as rhodiola, maca or Indian ginseng, are an excellent solution to restore energy and restore tone.

How to increase female libido: psychological aspects not to be underestimated

Adequate psychological support can help you understand how to increase the loss of female libido. Sharing discrepancies, fleeting fears and problems that have arisen within the couple is of fundamental importance. If you experience sexual distress, such as reduced desire, talk to your partner about it, because hiding the truth from yourself and your partner would only exacerbate the problem.

Behavior therapy is an additional aid. You can resort to a psychotherapist, an expert who knows how to stimulate the relationship and who guides the couple through a sought-after path of rediscovered awareness, analyzing the causes involved in the drop in libido and finding the most effective remedies how to stimulate to get out of it.

Drugs to increase libido: Lovegra, the female Viagra

Among the things to do is the use of drugs, one of the rehabilitation practices prescribed to increase libido. Among the most significant, Lovegra, the so-called libido pill or female Viagra, proved to be working. Like the famous blue pill, it too belongs to the class of PDE-5 inhibitors and contains the same active ingredient, but in especially adjusted form of Sildenafil Citrate for women.

Lovegra has the effect of increasing the blood flow to the genital area, with a consequent increase in vaginal receptivity and the pleasure that is felt during intercourse. It is effective in treating the physiological and psychological symptoms involved in the loss of desire, such as female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and uncontrolled frigidity. It fights vaginal dryness, giving less contraction, increasing lubrication and making intercourse easier and more energetic.

Lovegra is not a drug that solves the problem at the root, but must be taken when needed, having the desired effects only in the presence of a sexual incentive. It should be taken in the 30-45 minutes preceding the start of sexual intercourse, preferably on an empty stomach, in the recommended dose of 100 mg. Active treatment time of Lovegra is from 4 to 6 hours.

You can buy Lovegra online from reliable pharmacy without being prescribed by a doctor. However, the advice is to always consult with your General Practitioner, as the medicine should not be taken together with certain drugs and in some people it could cause side effects. Among the most common, mild and transient, are: headache, hot flashes, nausea, stuffy nose and dry eyes.

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