11 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Wearing A Wig

If you have some hair loss issues or you prefer to change your looks often, you can wear wigs. There are various types of this trendy accessory that help you. It’s a one-stop solution! However, you must remember a few important things that should never be done with your wigs. Let’s get to know them better!

Don’t put it on immediately after purchase

When you buy a wig, it should come packed in a box folded from ear to ear. That is why it looks a little bit crumpled. You should not rush things. Do not put it on immediately when it is delivered to your door! It is important to comb it first, removing tangles if there are any, and to place the wig on a special stand so that it can get back into its shape. Sometimes, it is recommended to wash and style a wig before wearing it.

Don’t use the hair care products intended for your natural hair

You are expected to wash your wig every couple of weeks to keep it fresh and perfect. Indeed, the frequency of cleaning depends on the conditions of usage. If you wear a wig every day in a dusty environment, you will probably have to wash it once a week. Anyway, when you decide it is high time, you should apply some shampoo and conditioner intended specifically for wigs. The point is that regular products will make the wig weighty, rough, and uncontrollable.

There are products developed for human hair wigs or synthetic hair wigs. They restore the hair and prevent dullness due to the particular formula. Using them, you provide your wigs with proper care and extend their lifespan.

Don’t wash and dry vigorously

The hair care products remove dust and dirt, smells, and bacteria. They are active enough, so you do not have to rub the hair to achieve the perfect result. On the contrary, if you use force, you may damage the hair fiber.

Wash it gently. Do not exceed the recommended time of soaping, and rinse it with running water thoroughly but accurately to remove residuals of shampoo and conditioner. It is recommended that you pat the hair with a towel to soak up the water when pre-drying it. Then you should install your wet wig on a stand and wait till it is completely dry.

Don’t use heated styling tools too often

Here we should mention that synthetic and natural hair are dried in different ways. The former does not like heat, so you should be very careful not to spoil the accessory. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

At the same time, natural human hair wigs are commonly considered to be heat resistant. You can use hot water, hot air in a dryer, and heated styling tools, but, still, you should be careful. Before you start styling with a curling iron, you should ensure that the hair is absolutely dry. If you still do not want to risk it, buy a special spray that protects a wig from the heat. Anyway, you should refuse excessive use of any heated tool.

And again, if the natural hair just gets worse faster with heat maintenance or styling, the synthetic hair may be ruined completely.

Don’t ignore regular thorough combing

Combing should be done every day. Find a proper comb and apply it before you place a wig on a stand to store or keep for some hours. This practice helps to avoid tangles and to untangle hair if it looks bad for some reason (windy weather, careless wearing, swimming, having rest at a beach, and so on). Spend some time on this process.

Don’t untangle and style your wig with a regular brush

Please note that combing must be done with a wide-tooth comb. It may be made from metal, which is the best material for detangling due to its smooth surface. Do not use a brush that you prefer for your own hair.

Regular brushes are usually rather aggressive, able to damage the hair when you try to style it either by straightening the strands or, on the contrary, by wrapping them tightly on a brush to make curls. As a result, you can break it and cause it to fall out of the wig.

Don’t refuse to make a pause in wearing a wig

If a wig is of high quality, it can be worn for a long time, but it does not mean that you are allowed to wear it from wash to wash. You should take it off to provide your scalp with more air and your wig with some rest. Otherwise, you may start suffering from itchiness caused by irritation of the skin.

Don’t store a wig on a wig head made of Styrofoam

When you take off your wig, you are highly recommended to place it on a special stand. However, the material from which it is made is important. For instance, you’d better refuse a Styrofoam head. When you try to put a wig onto a Styrofoam head, you damage its cap because the surface of the head is not smooth. Choose the heads, which are perfect for keeping a wig in the right size and shape with an undamaged cap.

Don’t diving wearing a wig

Frankly speaking, you are allowed to swim in the sea and in the pool wearing a wig. Of course, chlorine and salty water will contribute to its wear and tear, but you can still improve its quality with appropriate hair care products. Just find a proper wig for this leisure time. It can be done in a short-hair cut style or with braids. Anyway, you should not dive wearing a wig because you may just lose it in the water.

Don’t be near the fire and in the direct sun rays wearing a wig

As we have mentioned above, the wigs do not like heat. But this is not only about styling tools. You should be careful about cooking on an open fire, having a barbeque, or using an outdoor grill. The synthetic hair can even melt if it comes into contact with the hot air coming from the fire. The human hair wigs will more likely survive, but their quality will get worse. In addition, wigs absorb odors quickly.

Also, you should avoid staying in direct sunlight. This is not as hurtful as the fire, but the color can fade in the sun and the hair fiber can get dry.

Don’t forget that you still have your own hair

To top it all off, we want to remind you that you have your own hair, which should not be covered with a wig all the time, even if it is very beautiful. Do not forget about proper maintenance. The sweat will make your hair oily, a bad odor may appear, and the scalp can get irritated. Wash your head and keep your hair clean as you always do.

Adhere to the above rules, and you will have beautiful, long-lasting wigs and healthy hair!

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