Website V/S Apps, Which One Brings Better ROI?

Businesses are leaning towards a dominant mobile presence. This is not new and irrelevant given the massive usage of mobile phones today. Software development agencies across the globe are being contacted to develop the digital presence of a business.

But there’s a catch, it can be done either through a website or connect with a leading mobile app development agency for an app or maybe even both if the budget permits.

The fact remains that websites or apps should provide almost similar functionality, and users should be able to navigate through them. However, there are still fundamental differences that determine the choice.

Deciding which of the two will suit business needs depends on factors like target audience, budget, purpose, and other business-specific details. Here we discuss what each platform offers to choose guaranteed higher ROI.

Customer Relationship

Websites are a great option to introduce customers to your business. Businesses can showcase more products, policies, and offers. And often, customers interact with a company through a website instead of an app due to easy access and no registration.

Apps can take the relationship to the next level. Websites aren’t an excellent choice for tracking and collecting data about customers and therefore cannot provide a personalized experience to them through push notifications accessing location-based offers, etc.

Therefore, it can be seen that websites should be a way to display business at large, while apps should aim at targeting customers. Here the choice entirely relies on the purpose.


This is where websites have an edge. Before investing in development, you have to make sure the software is compatible with the customers’ devices. This isn’t much of a concern when you invest in a website.

All customers can access websites with very little or no dependency on the drive configuration. Mobile apps, however, need several things to be checked before being used by customers. This includes if the app is designed for the type of OS, version of OS, hardware configuration, etc.

It is clear from here that websites have a wider reach than mobile apps. Their simple accessibility makes them excellent for businesses looking to market themselves.

Internet Dependency

Here the apps take the lead as it is pretty clear that websites necessitate Internet access. They cannot be of any use to customers or businesses in an offline mode.

Although developed for specific devices, mobile apps can be programmed to be of use even in offline mode. Certain functionalities specific to business can be done without internet access, and apps can be designed to handle that.

It sure looks like a difficult choice. Websites and apps have pros and cons, but investments cannot be made every day. Business owners have to be extra careful about which one to use.

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Zaman Lashari
Zaman Lashari
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