What Are the Current Trends in Website Design?

The digital landscape is growing at the speed of light, becoming competitive for websites to keep visitors hooked. You must adhere to the core web design standards, regardless of your industry. You can get an engaging website designed by a professional web design company in Brampton. Your website should be appealing, easy to use, and complete with all information needed to tell your story.

Design components and website features that were once cutting-edge and novel may now appear aged, overused, and clichéd. The last thing you want when visitors land on your website is to lose conversion because it appears obsolete or breaks important web standards.

Therefore, you must stay updated with web design trends to leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

  1. Retro Fonts

We’ve seen a lot of outdated items re-emerge as stylish. Many old typography-based designs haven’t aged. With experimenting, they give traditional bold typefaces fresh vitality rather than feeling stale and cliché. Traditional fonts are stylish and yet readable when given a little modern flair.

  1. 3D Visuals

Higher resolution screens have made the 3D design much more sophisticated. High-quality 3D images are increasingly being included in website designs because they catch users’ attention instantly. Instead of being attractive diversions, they improve the user experience by engaging with the content.

  1. Contrast Colors

Contrast colors charm visitors and evoke emotions. This style has evolved into a colorful, eye-catching web design approach that features gradients, neon on black, subterranean acid forms, and brilliant contrast.

  1. Visible Borders

Web design with visible borders distinguishes one section of information from the other. Users like to navigate websites with organized information. Of course, websites are constructed on a rigid grid and are kept together by code. Today, web designers aim to get a little more authentic with layouts that show their structure through clean borders and frames.

  1. Parallax Animations

As visitors read through each page of your website, attract them with amazing animations. Parallax animation creates specific depths in the foreground and backdrop to engage visitors. This web design trend encourages users to take action. It is not just about grabbing visitors’ attention. Use trigger animation to pique user interest in the CTA element by altering its color, shape, or speed.

  1. Brutalist Typography

If you like dominance or boldness, go for brutalist typography. This web design trend is a response to the optimism and minimalism of contemporary web design. It’s a rough aesthetic with a touch of boldness to the website.

You can use brutalist typography to create a dynamic grid, as building blocks for segments, sections, headers, and paragraphs, and achieve a captivating website.


We anticipate crisp, vivid, eye-catching websites that combine animation and video, improving user experience in 2022. This year is about improving your visual design skills and using vibrant colors while maintaining a clean website. Plan a thoughtful design with the best SEO service in Brampton for desired results.

Zaman Lashari
Zaman Lashari
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