What Do You Need to Know About Alacabenzi Magic Mushroom

Alacabenzi magic mushroom is one of the most common strains of magic mushrooms. Most described it as a cross between Golden Teacher cubensis and Psilocybe Mexicana (Mexicana cubensis). 

Alacabenzi, together with other magic mushrooms, are increasing in popularity. It’s hitting the mainstream media because of studies showing some promising effects. Canada and other states (Oregon) allowed psilocybin substances to be part of a treatment process.

Psilocybin is a compound in magic mushrooms that causes people to hallucinate or experience a trip. However, for patients using psilocybin, the dosage is not high enough to make them hallucinate.

With the promising results that magic mushrooms show, maybe soon, magic mushrooms will be legal (recreational) like marijuana.

Alacabenzi Strain

There are plenty of magic mushroom strains, one of which is Alacabenzi. It’s one of the most commonly used strains. It offers an average or mild potency, which is suitable for beginners.

It was recognized in 2001, and the mushroom is heavily domesticated. Its popularity is because of its convenience when cultivated. Alacabenzis are resistant to contamination, have

aggressive colonization, and prolific sporulation.


Alacabenzi magic mushrooms have shamanic properties like Mexican cubensis. It is a strain common in spiritual rituals.

In the wild, Alacabenzi cubensis has a gigantic fruit. However, when cultivated, it appears symmetrically and consistently.

Since the potency is mild, it’s ideal for novice users. Users can try it with precaution when they want to microdose or try a hallucinogenic journey.


Alacabenzi mushroom is said to have an effect similar to cannabis edibles. That’s why first-timers should try it at home using a regular dose. 

Alacabenzi mushrooms’ effects can take up to an hour before their full potential. Then, the trip lasts for up to 5 to 6 hours. However, it is crucial to know that the experience will depend from person to person.

The metabolism and physiology can affect how shrooms interact in the body. In addition, the individual’s mindset and surroundings can contribute to how the trip will turn out.

Therefore, if you plan to use Alacabenzi, or other magic mushrooms, use the dosage that works for you. If you don’t know, you can start with the lowest dose. Next, choose a sober buddy to be your companion, and use it in a safe and comfortable environment.


The dose of Alacabenzi mushroom depends on the person. But remember not to go beyond your usual amount.

Dosage for Alacabenzi Mushrooms

These doses are all based on the weight of Alacabenzi-dried mushrooms.

Level 0 Microdose (0.2-0.5 g)

It uses a minimal amount of mushrooms. There are no psychoactive or hallucinations with this dose. Instead, it enhances creativity, boosts the mood, and reduces anxiety. Microdoses can be part of daily routine.

Level 1 Happy-go-lucky (0.8-1 g)

It has an effect similar to getting high with weed. It is often a mild trip with visual enhancement, slight sound distortion, and a little loss of control. 

Level 2 Beginner’s paradise (1-1.5 g)

It’s a bit more intense than level 1. It begins with visual hallucinations where objects start to move. Concentration and communication become difficult as your sensation enhances. Also, there is a feeling of lightness and euphoria.

Level 3 Classic psychedelic trip (1.5-3 g)

It’s a beginner-friendly dosage if you want to experience a real psychedelic trip. There are no more subtle visual flashes. Instead, you get objects moving intensely, patterns and fractals appear, and distortion becomes evident. 

Level 4 Flying with the stars (3-4 g)

It’s best for experienced users. The hallucinations are intense as everything starts to blend. Some objects begin to appear, which are non-existent at all. Users in this level lose touch with time and reality. The powerful psychedelic experience can positively affect others, while some may panic or find it scary.

Level 5 Total loss (4-5 g)

It’s a total loss with reality. Space, time, logic, and perception are entirely lost. It is impossible to describe the feeling after experiencing this life-changing level. 

You have to carefully select the dose you want to try for your first experience. Of course, we will not recommend trying levels 4 and 5, as they are for regular users.

What and Where to Buy?

Alacabenzi mushrooms can come in different forms. You can buy them in fresh or dried options. However, you can also purchase them as edibles, teas, powders, or tinctures.

You can find Alacabenzi in different online dispensaries. Zoomies Canada is a reputable online shop that offers different strains of magic mushrooms, including Alacabenzi. 

Can I Grow Alacabenzi Mushrooms?

If you don’t want to buy your shrooms, you have the option to grow them in the comfort of your home.

Alacabenzi is one of the magic mushroom strains that’s easy to cultivate. Beginners can grow them abundantly since it’s resistant to mistakes. The colonization time can take a while, especially if it is not in an optimal environment. But, the fruiting time is fast.

This strain is resistant to contamination, so it’s easy to grow them, unlike other mushrooms. Remember that inexperienced growers must still follow the steps to cultivate this mushroom strain to achieve better results.

Other strains of P. cubensis for first-time growers are B+, Golden Teacher, Ecuadorian, and Z strains.

Other Effects

The trip or experience of a user doesn’t always end with a good one. Sometimes there can be unwanted side effects.

The most common adverse reaction to magic mushrooms of all strains is nausea. It is experienced by those who eat the mushroom directly. 

Another adverse reaction is anxiety. Although a micro dosage of magic mushroom reduces stress, it can sometimes induce it, depending on the dose. In addition, having a sober friend

can help provide comfort.

The most severe problems with shrooms are those affecting the physical and psychological aspects. However, these effects are rare. Often this can happen when one has access to alcohol. That’s why do not consume alcohol while using shrooms.


When you buy Alacabenzi cubensis, the mushrooms are carefully measured (whichever product you buy). However, the effect and duration of the mushroom depend on the dosage and physiology of the user.

Start your journey by taking a small dose. If you haven’t got the desired effect, wait an hour before adding more. In addition, if it’s your first time, we recommend you try edibles, tea, or capsules since eating the mushroom can cause nausea.

But if you want to ingest shrooms directly, you can consume honey ginger tea to counteract nausea.

We also strongly advise not to mix other drugs and alcohol when using magic mushrooms.


Alacabenzi magic mushroom has a potency similar to intense cannabis edibles. But, it is not highly potent that beginners cannot use it. If you want to experience a psychedelic trip, Alacabenzi is one of the magic mushroom strains that you can try. When you follow the correct dosage and have the proper mindset and setting, you’ll enjoy a relaxing and life-changing experience.

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