What is a Back to School Necklace | All The Reasons to Buy It

To get the best kind of uniforms and accessories for your child is itself a huge responsibility for the parents. They might feel under pressure while buying the stuff for their children’s schools as they wanted to do the task perfectly every time. Parents always want to buy back-to-school clothes for their child that he or she finds super nice and comfortable.

If we talk about struggling children then they might not talk about the ones that are suffering from intense feelings including stress and anxiety. Many children have this type of disorder and do not even talk about it to their parents. That’s the point to get ourselves acknowledged! 

In this modern world of social media, people now uploading statuses and all the stuff and showing themselves happy are the loneliest and most depressed people in real life. The barrier that was brought into our lives because of this social media life is now questionable. The students and youngsters are using social media day and night to relieve the pressure and tension they are facing in life.

Parents can also get to know about the trends by using social media. That way they can discover different aspects of their children’s lives. Nowadays it’s unfortunately very common that children to suffer from anxiety and suffer all alone. We have to take a step to talk about mental health problems and issues facing millions of children. We still have a long way to go to do so. 

Let’s find out what’s the actual meaning of a back-to-school necklace, how it originated, and all the reasons to unleash this jewelry for school-going kids. 

Back to School Necklace Meaning

Due to popularity, everyone’s talking about the term “back to school necklace”. On every single social media platform including Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter people are really curious to know what it is really about and what this term means. 

The term “back to school necklace” is a euphemism for entanglement. It depicts a code of promoting suicide with the concern of hanging out. 

The Back to school bracelet or necklace is also searched as in back-to-school supplies, back to school clothes, back to school bracelets, or jewelry for school. Students are going crazy over this trend. It gained so much attention within a few weeks and became a trend for youngsters on Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter. 

The back to school necklace is typically worn by students as a piece of jewelry for fashion. It consists of a gold-plated chain and a disc-centered pendant which is also gold. The lettering on this gold disc pendant says the term “back to school”. It is usually seen by teenagers both girls and boys, to feel more excited and nothing seems to be very anxious about this jewelry for school. 

Teenagers who are wearing this necklace or bracelet are sharing pictures of themselves wearing the necklace and circulating it on different social media platforms. The belief they share is to get positive energies from the “back to school necklace” that will help them in the school future. 

The Back to School Necklace | Origin

After getting a quick meaning of the term back to school necklace, let’s find out the origin of it. It is believed that the term “back to school necklace “ first originated from social media platforms. It is said to be the first time it appeared in the urban dictionary. The date it originated from Urban Dictionary was the 13th of October in 2016. This term is now becoming a worldwide popular trend on the media platforms, especially on Twitter. In 2020, it was the most popular thing amongst kids who were looking forward to going to school again after covid-19 breakdowns or lockdowns.

Reasons to have Back to School Bracelets 

The students are willing to buy this back to school necklace at any cost. The reason behind it may vary from person to person but the belief is to overcome bad energies and stress. The children wear it to increase positivity around them for the future year of school. Some of the basic featured reasons for children buying this necklace are as follows:

  • Student Spirit 
  • Support System 
  • Social services 
  • Educational motivation 
  • Style, Rage, and Fashion

Student Spirit

For Students, back to school necklace or bracelet is believed to be worn for good student spirit. It boosts your energies and gives you positive vibes from your surroundings. For example, it works for the students who are wearing it on the occasion of a sports event, and cheering the team with it leads to success. Or just having it by your side in the classroom eventually shows signs of your true feelings about your school. That means you are proud and feel great about the school in which you are studying. 

Support System

Support can be used here for literally two ways of explanation for the students. Students wear a back to school necklace in order to get support from the jewelry piece to balance their school lifestyle. The other support is what a student is giving to the team members or their other fellows by just wearing it. That means a back to school necklace is thought to be a lucky charm for students and their fellows. It represents loyalty, sincerity, and honest support to other fellow beings. 

Social Services 

Back to school necklaces are used to wear for having a good social conversation start. It gives you inner self-confidence to talk with people. It makes sure that you give them a good impression of yourself after you leave. So it is a great way for people to enhance low self-confidence and become friends with people more often. People will shun your jewelry for school you wear and will ask you where you have bought it. They will love to talk with you and a great conversation will happen again and again with everybody. The curiosity of students in other schools will also make you feel good about yourself as everybody will ask you about your necklace. 

Educational Motivation 

It is foremost known to be a symbol of educational promotion. It brings a lot of motivation amongst youngsters to show love and value for the respective schools they have in reality. Students wear these types of necklaces to show their support for schools and education. Back to school necklace only brings importance, value, and balance to a student’s life. 

Style, Rage & Fashion 

Back to school necklace is found to be the best fashion trend among youngsters. It usually comes in golden color but now it is available in so many different types of colors. It can be worn by matching it with your school uniform. It can be worn by almost every school’s students with different dress codes. Students said that it is the best accessory for school-going children. you can find out the best and perfect match for your outfit.

It gives you a trendy and upgraded look whether you choose to wear a simple gold back to school necklace or wear it with different elaborated designed colors. 

Back To School Necklace Trend

We have discussed above what is a back to school necklace. Let’s take into consideration why it becomes so trendy in such a short time and why students, especially teenagers, are going crazy over it. But behind this trend is a serious matter of concern as it is directed towards injuries and deaths of young children. You must be thinking that what and why should a piece of jewelry can harm a child to an extent where it leads to suicide. Many reports and news are circulating where children wearing back to school necklaces have caught themselves in an escalator and that leads to death. It got entangled with the children’s necks and choked them. Several three children died in the past years due to this strangled back to school necklace. 

It was first trending on social media platforms, especially on Twitter. The motto was to leave behind negative outcomes from the past and bring in positive energies while going back to school after the period of covid-19. 

How To Get Your Child Away This Trend

There are many ways you can get your child away from stressful things and help them to stay away from these types of useless trends. Some of the basic things that a parent should acknowledge about their teenage children are summed up below:

  • Knowing that Anxiety and Stress is a real things in youngsters!
  • Get to know about the Suicide Prevention Measures or Conferences 
  • If you think your child is suffering, get help from a rehabilitation center or a certified doctor 
  • Also, help can be attained by STC (suicidal Treatment Centers) 
  • Counseling your child via schools 


In this article, we have discussed almost all the features of a back to school necklace. We have discussed what it means and how it is useful. How it is trending on social media platforms and how dangerous it is for the students to follow. parents are giving their best but still are not getting enough awareness about these trends and how to deal with their children with it. Back to school necklace is a huge trending topic amongst youngsters right now. 

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