What Is Included if I Hire a Wedding Photographer

If you’re planning a wedding, you may be wondering about what services they offer at wedding photography studios. Wedding photographer packages allow you to select multiple options that suit your wedding photography expectations. Choosing Seattle wedding photographers for ceremonies within Seattle is a great way to get more personalized services. 

Personalized services include photo editing and video options. Other add-on services such as the number of shooting locations are available depending on your budget. Here’s the breakdown of what should be included when hiring a wedding photographer:

Wedding Photography Consultation and Organization

A consultation between you and the photographer can be done virtually or in person. The meeting provides the photographer with information on how to incorporate your wedding photography wants and needs. It helps both parties build trust and get comfortable working with each other. After successful consultation, the photographer organizes a schedule that works best for your event.

Venue Visitation

Photography packages include transportation costs involved in visiting the wedding venue. The transportation costs depend on your chosen locations. When you hire Seattle wedding photographers for your event, you may not need to pay a travel fee.

Pre-wedding Photography Sessions

The photographer can customize pre-wedding photoshoots according to your needs. Information about the location, number of hours, and time of day inform the photographer how much to charge.

Photography Equipment and Lighting 

Specialized lighting and equipment are suitable for your event depending on the time of day, event location, event decorations, and arrangement. Getting special photography props and equipment of your choice for your ceremony is possible. 

Number of Photographers Covering Your Wedding Day

You may need more than one photographer to capture every moment of your big day. With Seattle wedding photographers, you can book several photographers if you have a big ceremony. You may need to pay for a second photographer for the coverage of your event.

Number of Hours and Photo Sessions

The photo plan comes with a specific number of hours which are customizable to suit your ceremony. Discuss the number of coverage hours you would need for your event. This will help you and your photographer calculate the total cost of photographing the ceremony. 

Back-up and Sorting Images

With photography packages, you’re able to choose the style of the photographs. When booking the photo session, you will need to select the type of photograph storage. You should discuss the number of pictures that require external backup and sort them with the photographer. 

Number of Pictures and Photo Albums to Be Delivered

Decide on the number of pictures you want as soft copies or digital prints. Consider the quality of hard copies you want in your photo album and the number of photo albums you need. Some packages let you pick a specific number of certain pictures, such as group pictures, portraits, and landscape images. Wedding frames are available in certain packages and come in different sizes, colors, styles, and materials.

Photo Editing and Online Photo Gallery

Details like the type of picture edits and procedures help you understand how your pictures will turn out. There are different ways to saveh wedding party photos, such as cloud storage and email services. Discuss how you want the photographer to save the pictures and how you want to receive them.

Video Reel of the Wedding Photos

This package allows you to negotiate the length of the video and the type of background music to use. Upon request, the photographer showcases your preview album using a video reel.

Actual Cost of the Event

Your wedding contract should include all the parts that make up the photography services, including or excluding VAT. The agreement details the payment methods, deposits, the available part-payment plans, services, and additional products. 

Get Quality and Affordable Seattle Wedding Photographers

You get more options and value for your money when you hire photographers within your location. Check out different Seattle wedding photographers to cover your wedding ceremony. 

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