What is the leading cause of Brain Tumors?

A brain tumor is a deadly disease that affects the brain and the nervous system and can be extremely fatal if not detected and treated at the earliest. Brain Tumor is a type of cancer that can affect the brain’s functionality and therefore is very important to treat. It can also lead to paralysis and disorientation of the brain functions.

A brain tumor is usually treated by sophisticated surgery, which requires a team of specialists such as Oncologists. The cancer hospital in Chennai has some of the best equipment and specialists who can help patients recover effectively from brain tumors.

Causes of Brain Tumor

A brain tumor is caused when a group of cells makes a lump-like formation in the brain, which obstructs the blood vessels and the nerves and tissues in the brain. This is caused due to the high proliferation rate of the cancerous cells.

The cancer-causing agents mutate the genetic material of healthy human cells, causing them to divide rapidly and proliferate into tumors that obstruct the brain.

These tumors need to be removed as soon as the Oncologists diagnose them at a cancer treatment hospital. The blood vessels in the area have a restricted supply of blood and oxygen, causing the death of the brain in certain areas.

Brain tumors are a form of cancer, and there is no real reason why brain tumors may affect some people and not affect others. There are certain criteria that have been researched and have been defined as the risk category.

Patients in the high-risk category are more susceptible to brain tumors than some of the others. Although they are not causes of a brain tumor as such, they define some risk factors for individuals and may lead to cancer of the brain in such individuals:

1 – Age

Age is the most discriminating factor as most people who have brain tumors are mostly in the 40 to 60 age category.


2 –  Sex

More men are susceptible to brain tumors than women, and there is no real reason, but it could do with the genetic coding of the cells.


3 – Weight

It was observed that people with higher body mass index had more chance of having brain tumors than those who weighed appropriately for their age.

4 – Blood Pressure

Those with high blood pressure levels and taking medicines to control blood pressure were more susceptible to brain tumors than the rest.

5 – Family History

Those who had 1st circle relatives who had brain tumors are at high risk of having brain tumors themselves.

6 – Exposure to Radiation

Patients who had previously taken cancer treatment or those exposed to radiation from other sources are at high risk of developing brain tumors.

7 – Exposure to chemicals

Some radioactive and other chemicals and heavy metals are known to affect the brain and may cause brain tumors due to prolonged exposure.

8 – Cancer History

Cancers that spread from other body parts may affect the brain and form brain tumors when the cancer is undetected for too long.

These are some of the causes of Brain tumors and are used to define the ‘High-risk category’ patients. Individuals who check 2 or more of these conditions must consult one of the best cancer treatment hospitals in Chennai to ensure that their brain and body are healthy and cancer free.

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