What Kind of Shoes Do Nurses Wear?

Nurses are angels in white. They save lives and heal the wounded, sometimes even more tired than doctors. The white represents sacredness and purity. Wearing a white suit is noble as the white will appear clean.

  1. In clinical work, nurses have higher requirements for the comfort of shoes: Specific requirements for shoes for nurses must have a sloped heel, soft inner soles for shoes, and be made of leather preferably white or light in colour.
  2. Nurse shoes usually refer to the work shoes worn by hospital nurses: They come with a white, soft sole, soft surface, and shallow heel.
  3. The bottom of nurse shoes should be light, flexible, and of the right size: The sole has a wide range of force and walking. So, the safety factor is high.
  4. Nurse shoes used in hospitals are cloth rubber-soled shoes: This kind of shoe is light and breathable, comfortable. It is also non-slip and quiet.
  5. Nurse’s shoes are all white: It conforms to the principle of sterility and rigorous operation by nurses.

What Are Nurse Shoes?


The training of nursing students and all other medical and paramedical personnel come into two major parts: theoretical training in a classroom and a practical internship in a hospital or any other health center. The latter comprises patient care sessions to integrate them into the professional world.

This on-the-job training module requires adequate working materials. Personal protective equipment (PPE), including hospital shoes, is compulsory for all medical personnel. Each nurse trainee is therefore obliged to get it. Faced with the diversity of models of medical shoes, it is often difficult for the newcomer to find what is suitable for the job of a nurse. If this problem should arise, this guide may be useful.

What Type of Shoes Do Nurses Wear

Tennis and Sneakers for Nurses

If the nursing student isn’t too keen on hospital sandals with rather extraordinary designs, then she can opt for medical sneakers or sneakers. These accessories have shapes analogous to classic sneakers and modern sneakers, although they have additional functionality to make them suitable for medical use.

As being light and classy, ​​the future nurse will feel like in her ordinary sneakers while she follows the training sessions at the hospital. She will move around the rooms and hospital corridors without worry while wearing this type of white leather sneaker. Other than that, they are closed shoes that offer more security. They are essential models for preventing the risk of occupational accidents. In addition, they come with a non-slip sole.

Just like the sneakers that the nursing student wears daily, the medical range also includes sneakers and sneakers for men and women and unisex items. In addition, he has the choice between the different colors.

Clogs for Nurses

The third type of shoes for nurses recommended for nursing students is the clog. If the internship is to stay with patients in a single room or an office, these are clogs that suit him best. Besides, tennis and basketball are ideal for medical personnel who are having a rather hectic day. It is how the shoe is proposed last in this guide because it is rare for a doctor or a nurse to spend eight hours of work without too much travel. If the intern likes a rather old-fashioned look reminiscent of old medical shoes, it will be a good idea to choose a clog.


As mentioned above, always trust a professional in the field to find the right model of shoes. Schu’zz has established itself as a leader in the design and sale of medical footwear. Many models for women and men are available on our site, they are all EN ISO 20345 or EN ISO 20347 standard shoes.

Non-slip work and safety shoes made of EVA make up a range of products of better quality. As being ultra-light, our shoes are also recyclable and therefore comply with environmental requirements. For care, each shoe’s construction material and style of tailoring make it easy to wash and dry to dry. Even out of direct sunlight, this type of shoe dries quickly.

Hospital Shoes For Nurses

In some hospitals, nurse shoes need to be purchased uniformly. medical professional shoes and nurse uniforms are the same as hospital necessities. A pair of comfortable nursing shoes is crucial. Nurses are usually busy at work and walk tens of thousands of distances 24 hours a day.

Walking for a long time undoubtedly requires a pair of comfortable nursing shoes. People will have swelling in their feet during a long walk. The originally fitted shoes will appear crowded. So, it is easy to wear the rubber. After a day’s work, the nurses are exhausted.

The material of nurse shoes should choose soft soles. The soft soles of upstairs and downstairs are more comfortable, which is convenient for nurses’ daily work and also provides more efficient help for work.

The leather surface of nurse shoes should be breathable, difficult to stuff your feet, and difficult to produce athlete’s feet. Walking for a long time is easy to sweat. So, the more breathable shoes will make the feet healthier.

Nurse shoes are not only available in women’s styles, but men’s nurse shoes are also necessary. Nurses are the national treasure of the nursing department. They sometimes take on more work than nurses, and they need a pair of comfortable nursing shoes.

It is necessary to choose a good brand of nurse shoes to ensure quality. Most hospitals will purchase nurse shoes uniformly. Even if a few nurses are not used to wearing uniformly purchased nurse shoes, we must choose good quality nurse shoes. Provide excellent protection for every nurse who wears it, so that the nurses can work more comfortably.

Benefits of Wearing Hospital Shoes

Wearing hospital shoes should not be a chore. Think about the advantages offered by this type of equipment for the foot and the complete body. Why not put on classic shoes in a hospital environment? The responses of safety experts and ergonomists focus on the safety and comfort offered by this type of clothing item.

For Optimal Nurse Safety

The regulations in force relating to hygiene and safety in hospitals stipulate that the wearing of specialized footwear is compulsory for all medical personnel: doctors, nurses, nursing assistants. The chief advantages are that it is personal protective equipment.

The concept of protection refers to a question of security. Especially, nurses and caregivers have a hectic day assisting with care and medical visits, bringing medication, or replacing patients’ serums. They are on duty day and night during their internship period. If ever while moving the nurse slips, he risks injuring himself with the needles and catheters,

To avoid this kind of risk, a non-slip shoe is perfect for the nurse. With the soles designed specifically for traveling on a slope or wet ground, medical personnel should find that the risk of slipping will be significantly reduced. And even without slipping, these sharp objects can still fall from his or her hands or those of the doctor, or even by being struck by the patient.

Thus, to prevent this danger, the nurse must wear a pair of protective shoes that meet the standards. Tennis, sneakers, or clogs, it is necessary to check the tightness and the reference of the standard on the product to know if it is perfectly suitable for the nursing profession.

Favor Models That Offer The Most Comfort

We always spread medical training over a long period. The practical training takes place for an entire day with only a brief break in the middle of the day. And it’s the same throughout the training. To avoid too much discomfort, the best tip is to wear an outfit in which the healthcare staff feels comfortable.

So, for more comfort, put on a pair of socks that are both anti-odor and antiperspirant. There is a light shoe with a pleasant design and not rigid. In short, comfortable shoes for standing all day that makes you forget the feeling of compression often felt when wearing shoes for too long a period. An impression is usually experienced and whose only remedy is to get rid of your shoes.

It is common to see nurses running down the hall to bring in such medication. There are also student interns who stand for several hours without being able to stay long in the break room.

As a result, the work exhausts them when they get home. If at least they wear adequate footwear, the feeling of fatigue and pain is alleviated, and these students can focus on the core of the training. For reasons, it is the feet that support all the weight of the body. So, if the feet feel tired, it can go up in the legs, thighs, sciatica, back, even neck and head area. And yet, if the student wears suitable closed shoes, it is a gesture that can be prophylactic.

Practical Accessories

Besides these advantages mentioned above, it should also be noted that medical shoes have an exceptional quality of use. When we talk about the quality of use, we refer to the practicality of the product, including ease of maintenance and hardness.

A nurse’s shoe or sneaker is indeed very easy to maintain. It is possible thanks to their simple design and their material of manufacture. These professional shoes, whether for men or women, dry faster and wash easily compared to regular sneakers and sneakers.

If nurses do not have enough time for washing, they can use a washing machine to process these sandals. It helps paramedical students who prefer to get in the shower right away after a tiring day of training.

And yet, in the respect of hygiene, they must wear clean clothes, from the headdress to the shoes through the blouse. On returning home, they must also change and disinfect these work clothes, since the hospital is the environment where the risk of microbial contamination is the highest. It does not perform such a decontamination procedure, the equipment could transmit nosocomial infections, typical of the medical environment.

Why Do Nurses Wear Clogs

The clogs are indeed heavier than other hospital shoes. It brings both advantages and disadvantages to the student wearing them. As a benefit, the hoof provides maximum support to the foot and slows down the feeling of fatigue. As a drawback, it is not suitable for frequent trips. We suggest wearing it during observation programs during which the trainees must remain standing all day.

Unlike shoes with holes, we recommend it in an operating room since a surgical operation often takes several hours. The studies thus comprise assisting the doctor during the operation, all this in the same operating theater.

The strengths of the hoof live in its impact resistance. The trainee will no longer be afraid of heavy objects falling on his feet. No risk of crushing will scare him. It is the most suitable model for safety shoes for a woman or a man working in a medical space. If the clogs were available for wood before, they now come in leather. Article via: Pick Your Sandals

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