What Should Parents Know About TikTok? (With Parental Control)

Hi, social media enthusiasts! Do you know which is the best suitable social media app for your child’s social media venture? If your answer is TikTok, you are correct. According to the TikTok statistics, the platform has got three billion downloads making it the most popular platform in 2022. Above all, TikTok as a platform has parental controls and age restrictions, which help overcome disagreeable app features reaching out to children.

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Let us see everything about TikTok and its parental control to know about your child’s safety and restriction purpose. 

Fun Facts About TikTok

Based on a famous report, TikTok will exceed 1.5 billion active users in 2022 by beating its competitive platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Earlier, TikTok was initially known as Musical.ly, acquired by the Chinese company ByteDance in late 2017. Above all, the TikTok app is presently suitable for 16+ years, whereas Musical.ly was only for 12+ years of users. Thus, the TikTok app right now skyrockets its popularity among its followers. Besides, there is a request from a parent who would plan to know about the TikTok platform and its features. 


Now, look at the four best things that every parent should know before entering TikTok in 2022.

1. How is TikTok Safe For Kids?

New Update On Privacy Settings For Young Users

On TikTok, the platform’s previous settings have had default settings of a public settings mode, whatever the user’s age. Indeed, your child’s initial TikTok app settings will get DM’s and interaction from strangers. Yet, with the new TikTok 2021 update, TikTok profile’s for users aged between 13 and 15 will get default settings to private mode. Besides, TikTok videos made by users aged 16 are restricted by the default option for download until the settings are updated. 


Based on this fact, TikTok’s private account grants access to someone who the TikTok users approve as a follower can view their videos. 

Suggestive Content Abounds

There is always suggestive control mixed within the platform on any social media. Above all, the TikTok network relies primarily on music and dancing videos, common among adult users. Yet, the TikTok app motivates some more mature themes than 16+ years. Beyond this, the TikTok hashtag search can give your child access to adult content and suggestive themes, and TikTok challenges. 


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2. What’s The Age Limit For TikTok?

On TikTok, the minimum age for TikTok users is 13-years old where it’s great news for younger users. However, it’s significant to remember that the TikTok app doesn’t use any age verification tool whenever a new user signs up. So, for instance, when a child signs up with TikTok for a new account without the parent’s knowledge, they will have access to explicit and irrelevant content without any age restrictions. 

3. How Will TikTok Influence My Child’s Mental Health?

Today, TikTok works as an ideal platform for socializing where everyone can contribute their innovative video content in the space. However, if you are trying TikTok for your child’s profile, the platform protects you from harmful effects. Likewise to every other social media platform, posting videos and pictures leaves your child open to an adverse reaction and harsh comments. Sometimes TikTok comments significantly impact your child’s self-reputation, body-color, skin tone, or confidence. It can take to unhappiness, stress, and even eating disorders like bulimia in a few cases. 


Meanwhile, there are some extreme cases where young TikTok users and influencers on the platform have expressed their concerns over the negative comments they get and how it impacts their daily lives. 

4. Will TikTok Collects User Data?

Did you know? The TikTok platform is nothing new, and every social media app participates in this practice of parent control. Indeed, this new parental control on TikTok helps remind parents how to take care of their child’s profile. Please take a look at the TikTok profile and its privacy statement. 


TikTok claims that it shares your data with third-party service providers, which every TikToker depends on to grow with the platform. These providers consist of cloud storage providers and additional IT service providers. In addition, we will share your details with our company partners, analytics, advertisers, and search engine providers. 

Wrapping Up Facts

If you think unsure about how to begin your child’s TikTok profile as a parent, start practicing all these parental controls. As a result, you can restrict your child’s TikTok profile from hackers and intruders. As a result, you can even enhance your child’s TikTok profile with higher account visibility by trying the option of Trollishly, where your organic followers will grow naturally.

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