What to Consider Before Selecting A Forex Liquidity Provider?


You can’t do this without liquidity providers because they give you all the tools you need, like faster execution, guaranteed fills, and small spreads. Traders can also access large liquidity pools and competitive rates if they choose the right provider. Prices don’t always go up when there is a lot of money or activity. The activity may be linked to a price drop. Higher liquidity means that prices change faster and are more volatile. This makes spreads and trading costs go down. Because fiat currencies are tied to governments, information about the country or government from which a currency originates can affect forex market liquidity.

Trade Implementation

The liquidity provider’s trade execution must be fast and not rejected. The consistent liquidity provider could offer both time-preference implementation and transparency. A system like this one must also meet high standards for when the market data is released. The dealer must ensure that the trading software automatically collects detailed statistics and asks existing customers of required liquidity providers for feedback.


When choosing a forex liquidity provider, dealers must check to see if the provider is controlled. Also, the controllers need to be looked at to determine their reliability. Brokers have to check again on the conditions of their partners, their records, their financial stability, and other things.

Order Book

It would help if you had a deep order book and liquidity across multiple assets. Forex, Commodities, Cash Indices, Futures Indices, Bullions, Bonds, Equities, and ETFs should all be on the list of instruments. The liquidity provider should show the full order book on the trading platform and via the FIX protocol, ensuring that each level of the order book’s historical tick data is accessible.


An LP’s execution should be fast (less than 100 ms) and not reject or ask for anything. The trustworthy partner should also offer time-priority execution and full transparency after the trade (MiFID compliant). Last but not least, the execution system must meet high standards, especially when market data is released, or something unexpected happens, like the Swiss National Bank (SNB).

Customer Service

Foreign exchange liquidity happens around the clock, so a broker’s customer service should always be open. Also, think about how easy it is to talk to a real person on the phone. You can learn about their customer service and average wait times by giving them a quick call.

Platform for Trading

The investor’s way into the markets is through the trading platform. So, traders should ensure that a broker’s platform and software have the tools they need for technical and fundamental analysis and that it is easy to enter and exit trades. On the other hand, costly order entry mistakes could happen if the interface wasn’t well made.


There are many fx liquidity options to choose from. Before doing that, you should do your homework and compare them to choose the best one. You can choose the best liquidity provider by looking at how you trade. You might also find it helpful to ask other traders for advice and read reviews from the FX community.

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