What to Do When Your Employee Is Injured at Work

While owning a company, it is your duty as an employer to ensure safety for all your employees injured at work. Injuries can happen anytime, either minor or major. You must have an organized plan to respond to such injuries immediately. 

Minor injuries such as slip and fall can often take you to a lengthy lawsuit. In that case, taking help from lawyers, e.g. slip and fall lawyers, is a good choice. 

To avoid such legal hassles, let’s learn what to do when your employee is injured at work. This article tells you all. 

Steps to Follow When Your Employee is Injured at Work

While working on the job place, employees might face various injurious due to sudden accidents. You can not change it. But you can change the outcome as an employer based on how you respond to that injury. Here are some steps for you to follow when your employee is injured at work. So, let’s dive in. 

Be Prepared

It is one of the most important things that how much you are prepared to face and respond to an unexpected situation in your workplace. Your preparation for accidental issues can prevent you from facing long-time losses. This preparation includes having first aid kits stored and available in the workplace so that everyone can easily access these kits when needed. 

Again, emergency medical services you can also set up for your employees, at least a connection to a hospital so that employees can get immediate medical treatment after an injury occurs. Moreover, providing sufficient training on emergency and safety response is another effective preparation for any future risk. You can choose to enroll your employees in numerous BLS Courses to prepare them with the proper knowledge and skills in dealing with emergencies in the workplace.

Respond Immediately 

Whenever any accident occurs, you need to respond immediately to that situation. First, you make sure that the injured employee is out of the accidental spot. Provide first aid services as per need and call an ambulance if the injury is too serious. Also, make sure that other employees are safe and away from the danger zone. 

Later on, try to identify the reason why the accident occurred and whether there is any chance for further accidents or not. You might also take help from the local police to investigate the actual cause behind the accident. 

Get Medical Help

When you have saved the injured employee from the dangerous area, ask him about the depth of his injuries. If the injury is not that much serious, normal first aid help might be sufficient. But if he suffers from any major injuries, of course, you should take him to emergency medical treatment. 

Sometimes, you might ignore the issue. But major injuries with no medical treatment might make you face an expensive lawsuit. Remember that. And in case of minor injuries, make sure that you are providing enough support to your employee. 

Gather Facts

Another notable thing is that you must gather necessary facts after an accident happens at your workplace. If your employee who gets injured is happy with your help and behaves like he is fine now, you still need to document the incident. You should take images of the injury, of the accidental spot, witnesses, and so on. 

Document all the small details and better make it written by an eyewitness. These details will help you out a lot whenever you face any legal issues due to this accident or injury.

OSHA Requirements 

It is your duty as a citizen and also a requirement that you have to inform law service whenever you face any accidents, or any of your employees get injured in the job. You must need to inform the local legal help center and report about the accident, maybe by phone calls. No matter how minor the injury is, you must make it documented by the local health office and the police station as well. In case of an employee’s death, it is a must to inform them. 

Employee’s Compensation 

After getting injured at the workplace, the employee possesses the right to claim compensation for his loss against you. He can even file a lawsuit. You also need to try to provide him with sufficient compensation for his physical and wage loss. You better report it immediately to the employee’s compensation insurance. They will provide you with a form known as an employer’s report of the accident. 

Document all the details there, attach all the evidence you have gathered, and sign it. Later on, the insurance adjuster will handle the issue. 

Prevent Future Issues

When you face an unexpected situation where one of your employees gets injured on the job, and you need to pay compensation for it, you learn from it. From this experience of the accident, you need to stay alert always and make sure that no such accidents will occur in the future. Discuss with some experts and decide how to make the risks reduced in the workplace and ensure employees’ safety. 


To conclude, we would like to suggest to you that when you own a business or a company, you obviously need to handle so many responsibilities. But the health and safety issues of your employees must become your first priority. Accidents and injured at work might happen anytime, but having a good response plan is all that can change the game. 

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