Where can I edit my Videos for free?

Video editing has become a crucial skill for the digital world. According to statistics, most internet users spend their time viewing videos other than any format. This ultimately has created a need for free music video editing tools that are available in the market. We attempt to list some of the most accessible ways through which you can edit your videos without much hustle. 

1. By Using Apps

So the first method is to use the applications for this purpose. There are multiple applications that are available for free for this purpose. We have attempted to list the video editing tools on both Android and IOs platforms:

A. Filmora

The application is an easy to use user friendly application that can edit videos with set templates. The user can select a range of options from which every aspect of the video is covered. Usually, the format of video editing is linear, therefore this application can pretty much cover that easily.

B. Add Music To Video & Editor

The next application that we list is used to add music to video primarily. This application enhances the quality of your video through music. There are multiple templates that a user can select from and multiple music genres available in the library that matched the theme of the video. In addition to this, the video editor can also have set templates based on AI that works in auto-fixing the video and increasing its quality. So the tool can help you a lot if you are creating YouTube shorts or Instagram clips.

2. Tools For Video Editing

Unlike applications that work on set templates and do not offer a wide range of options for video editing, we also have listed some free Video Editors that you can install on your desktop or laptop and can edit video. So the tools are 

A. VSDC Video Editor

The first tool that we have listed is the VSDC video editor. The tool has been in the market for more than 10 years. And it has been regularly updated to meet the demands of modern video editing. Mentioning some features of this tool, the tool has a stabilization feature, color correction, and slideshow option that features more than 70 templates. The options are not limited to the ones we have mentioned, so we recommend you download them to get first-hand experience with this software.

B. Shot Cut

The next editing software that is available for free to download, yet offers the best quality of video editing is Shot Cut. With more than 800 effects, the Shot Cut provides 50 additional formats in which you can edit your videos according to the need. 

The tool however covers what is required for video editing, but you can add combinations of the formats and even customize its user interface according to your needs. So make good use of this tool for your video editing.

Website for Online Video Editing

The third way to edit the videos for free is to use website-based tools for video editing. Usually, most video editing software or apps have their websites as well for online video editing. So we list video editing tools that have the best user interface as well as the features for video editing.


The website is one of the most popular video editors available on the internet. The website can effortlessly add music to your movie and even edit or cut out the sections that are superfluous. The website is easily accessible from mobile phones, however, editing may not be possible. Having said that, the user experience on this website is excellent, as are the features provided on the page.


Video editing is important and has wide application in the digital world. Therefore, we attempt to list the best ways where a user can edit videos for free. Along with this, we ensure that our recommendations have the best user experience available in the market for this purpose.

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