Which Brand is best for Casual Trousers?

Trousers are a staple for all men – every man needs at least a pair of trousers in each kind, be it in types of fabrics, types of fits, ankle length, pattern style etc. There are so many categories of trousers for men to choose from, and these are usually based on the kind of occasion that these trousers are to be worn for. 

For example, trousers can be broadly categorized into formal pants for men and casual trousers for men. Within these broad categories, there are so many different kinds of trousers that a man can choose for themselves. These could be based on the different occasions that it would be worn for or the different requirements based on weather or season. 

Types of Trousers

There are so many different kinds of casual trousers for men in the market today. The most popular ones are listed below –

  • Cotton trousers

Cotton trousers are the standard kind and are used by almost everyone these days. They offer a perfect clean fit and can be paired with any kind of shirt or T-shirt. 

Cotton trousers for men can be purchased online easily, and there are many brands that are selling good quality cotton trousers at attractive prices today, such as Rare Rabbit, Ketch, Peter England etc. Cotton trousers are a must-have for all kinds of purposes as they are lightweight and easy to maintain plus, they are excellent for Summers because of their airy and breathable fabric. 

  • Denim trousers

Denim trousers, or jeans as they are commonly referred to, are another standard kind of trouser pants for men that everyone uses – no matter the age, gender or season. This is one of the most universally accepted casual trousers of all time, thanks to its extremely durable nature and easy-to-maintain fabric. 

They are good for any weather but especially suited for the fall season. They are excellent fabrics as they go with any colors and type of top, be it formal shirts, casual shirts or even t-shirts. Denim trousers are sold by many popular brands such as Levis, Pepe Jeans, Ketch, Calvin Klein, Allen Solly, etc. 

  • Cargo Pants

Another popular best trousers for men is cargo pants. These pants are built for men who are looking for a utilitarian pair of pants with plenty of pockets, rugged material that can take a beating and a comfortable loose fit that doesn’t get in the way of hard labor, such as in the case of construction, electrical work, plumbing, mechanical work, etc. 

They soon became a fashion fad, and many people started wearing cargo pants as stylish trousers paired with a casual T-shirt. They also offer excellent insulation and protection in wet conditions because of their thick material. Brands that sell Cargo pants are H&M, Ketch, Ajio, Basics, etc. 

  • Chinos

Chinos are the new age men’s formal trousers slim fit that is also perfect for casual wear . They have a tapered and tight fit and end just above the ankle. Some types of Chinos can end at the ankles for a more refined semi-formal appeal. 

They are excellent to be paired with casual shirts, and they have a youthful appeal to them. They come in a combination of fabrics, but Twill Chinos are the most preferred chinos of all kinds. Brands that sell Chinos are John Players, Louise Philip, Ketch, H&M, etc. 

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