Which HbA1c Level Is Considered Normal? How Can You Check Your HbA1c Level?

As diabetes is mainly related to our blood sugar levels and glucose meters, another
crucial marker for determining and monitoring diabetes and even its risks is the HbA1c
number, which can be measured by the test known as the HbA1c test. Take a look at
what exactly an HbA1c blood test is.

What are HbA1c and HbA1c blood tests?

Blood glucose or blood sugar is the most easily used energy source. When you
consume any food, it breaks down into its basic ingredients and goes into the
After that, your blood transports that sugar to your body cells for energy with the help of
a specific hormone known as insulin. Hemoglobin A1c or HbA1c refers to glycated
As you may know, hemoglobin is the main protein that locates in the red blood cells and
is responsible for carrying oxygen to the rest of the body from the lungs. While this
sugar circulates in the bloodstream, some of its molecules are stuck to the hemoglobin,
known as glycated.
Those sugar molecules stay there for the entire lifespan of the red blood cell, about
three months. So, if there is an excess amount of sugar in your blood, then many of
your red blood cells can be covered with sugar molecules.
Hence, an A1c or HbA1c blood test is done using the glycated hemoglobin present in
the blood to determine the average blood sugar level for the previous three months. So,
if you wish to know your blood sugar level, you can opt for an HbA1c blood test after
knowing the HbA1c blood test price.

Which HbA1c level is considered normal?

The results of an HbA1c blood test are shown as a percentage. A higher percent of
HbA1c can indicate a higher three-month average blood sugar level.
Thus, if someone’s HbA1c number goes above the normal range, he/she may be at risk
of developing blood sugar or diabetes.
So, you need to know the normal level of HbA1c in your body. As per the American
Diabetes Association, the normal level of HbA1c for adults is usually 5.7%, whereas the
range between 5.7% and 6.4% indicates prediabetes. More than 6.5% usually indicates
However, in reality, no range can be considered the normal range for determining
HbA1c that can be applied to everyone. The result of an HbA1c blood test must be
interpreted through the patient’s clinical context lens.
Several factors can affect the level of glycated hemoglobin in the body, such as ethnicity
or race can play a crucial role in impacting the levels of HbA1c.
Research shows that Asian or black people tend to have a higher level of HbA1c than
white people. Some other factors that can be responsible are:
● Liver issues
● Kidney ailments
● Severe anemia
● Some specific medicines
● Certain blood issues like thalassemia and sickle cell anemia.
● Blood transfusion
● Pregnancy, etc.

How to check HbA1c levels?

To measure your Hb1Ac level, you need to give a sample of your blood. The
hemoglobin in your blood is tested to get the accurate result of your HbA1c blood test.

As your red blood cells exist for near about three months, an HbA1c usually reflects the
blood sugar level of a person over the past 8-12 weeks.

Therefore, to know the blood sugar level of your body, you should opt for the HbA1c
blood test after consulting your doctor.

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