Which Paper Used for Nadra Divorce Certificate in Pakistan

Paper used for Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan

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Nadra Divorce Certificate in Pakistan:

The paper used for the Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan is no less than a currency note. The Divorce Certificate in Pakistan has many security features so that no one can get it tempered or prepare a fake Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan. Every government, including the Pakistani government, tries to put maximum effort into preparing such official documents, which cannot be tempered or counterfeited by anyone. The same is the case with the divorce certificate from the union council. Suppose you look keenly at the Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan. In that case, you will see that many efforts have been made to secure the authenticity of the Pakistani divorce certificate, which is issued after the divorce process in Pakistan. Previously the paper used for the Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan was imported from another country which looked like a currency note. When you see Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan in sunlight or beneath a tube light, you will see a picture of a Quaid e Azam just like a Pakistani currency note. Note over in sunlight; you also see a silver strip coated inside the Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan.

Paper Used For Pakistani Divorce Certificate:

Moreover, the paper used for the Pakistani divorce certificate is also unique due to its yellowish color, and this color paper is not easily available in the market. The paper and the printing used to prepare the Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan also have unique features. In printing the Nadra divorce certificate, Pakistan has the monogram of the provincial government. For example, the kpk government uses the monogram of the kpk government in Punjab. The monogram of the Punjab government is used, and the same is the case with the other provincial government. Recently the government has stopped importing the paper from abroad and has started to print on a white paper with a picture of Quaid e Azam on it.


This picture does not appear like the picture which is used to be before on the imported paper. This picture comes at the front of the paper and can be seen easily. This new paper is now used to cut the cost which the government used to pay before. This paper is used locally and has no feature like currency note, but still, some efforts are made to secure the authenticity of the official paper. This Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan is printed from software provided by Nadra; due to which this Pakistani divorce certificate is printed, it gives special features on it while printing. While printing every Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan provides a tracking number that is printed on the certificate. Every tracking number is a unique number and is called a CRMS number.

CRMS Number:

This CRMS number remains the same whenever a new print or a duplicate print is taken. Moreover, at the left bottom of this paper, a link to Nadra is provided, which says that you can check the authenticity of this certificate by putting the tracking number in this link. Still, unfortunately, this link provided by Nadra is not working, but whenever it starts working, everyone can check the authenticity of this certificate.


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