Why You Should Go with Custom Box Printing

Many shipping boxes appear to be identical. Custom boxes turn heads and draw more attention by providing a remarkable customer experience, working on the buyer’s initial feeling about your product. Consistent branding also reinforces the unique identity of your business, helping buyers perceive your brand in the future. Custom box printing is a great opportunity to passively promote your brand not only to existing buyers but also to everyone who sees that box.


Why Custom Box Printing is a Must For Your Business?


Most companies understand the importance of packaging that reflects the identity of their brand. Either way, only a few brands understand the potential of customized printed boxes for shipping and storing their products. The right shipping box does more than protect items from damage. A uniquely designed printed box attracts potential buyers during and after the shipping and even in-store shelves, becoming a great promotion of a brand. In fact, even simple customizations can attract more customers and give a positive first impression of your product.


How To Choose The Appropriate Box Type?


To gain maximum revenue from potential buyers with the custom box printing, it’s crucial to identify the appropriate box type for your product. Here are a few things to keep in mind while making this decision:


  • Style and Design
  • Cost
  • Appearance
  • Sustainability
  • Protective Capacity


The perfect uniquely designed box should have the appropriate size and shape to protect them correctly. Custom box printing that is too small may be insufficiently protective, on the other hand, boxes that are too large cost more and require additional padding. Moreover, the best box must offer a decent customer experience. It should be attractive and the interior features should be as easy to access as expected.


Different Types of Boxes


Here are the most common box types to keep in mind while printing your customized box: 


  1. Mailer Boxes: The mailer box can be shipped directly in the mail, no additional packaging is needed.
  2. Regular Slotted Container Boxes: With these boxes, the flaps are the same length, so they can easily deliver smaller and lightweight products.
  3. Collapsible Boxes: They offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of how it’s designed, customers like them because of their ability to collapse and be easily reused.
  4. Telescope Boxes: Telescope boxes are used by many luxury products to give a good unboxing feeling. 
  5. Full Overlap Boxes: These boxes have outside flaps that overlap the box, they add better durability.
  6. Rigid Boxes: This type offers a unique, durable option for your products, they’re made using stronger materials.
  7. Folding Carton Boxes: It’s used to package expensive products, one of the most common and popular choices, and it’s easy to use.

To sum up, printing is perhaps the most important and economically smart method of customizing a box and creating custom shipping boxes with brand logos. Many brands across the world have been spending millions of dollars on their product packaging boxes, Innovative and modern printing technologies make your custom boxes in unique designs and style combinations.

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